5 tips to make breastfeeding on holiday easier

You're off on holiday, past the sore breasts and nipples stage, and ready to get breastfeeding abroad. Here's how to do it with confidence

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  • Now we're in the midst of the summer months and everyone's taking a getaway, being out and about with your little one will be a regular occurrence. For those of you breastfeeding mummies heading off on hols we have a few top tips from Medela’s in house lactation expert Sioned Hilton who has been working with breastfeeding mothers for more than 20 years. www.medela.co.uk or medela uk on facebook. 

  • 1. Pack carefully

    It is all about being prepared! Take a spare set of dark t’shirts for you as well as a spare set of clothing for your baby, in case of leakage or accidents. Check out these essential and stylish breastfeeding tops We all love our maxi dress for the holidays but these are not practical for breastfeeding mummies as it exposes you a lot more – use a scarf or muslin square to cover you and your baby up to protect you both from the sun. 

  • 2. Choose your spot

    Another good thing to think about before settling for a feed is giving yourself space. Some places will say you can use the loo, or baby changing area, but bear in mind these can often be quite smelly and to be honest,would you eat your lunch in the loo? No! So why should your baby? If needs be you can head to a park. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on a bench feeding. You can place the buggy in front of you and have some quiet time to yourself. And just think, you'll be seeing a new sight as you feed! For more advice and reassurance read our guide to breastfeeding

  • 3. Watch the sun cream

    Now, if you are feeding while abroad in sunny climes (lucky thing!) it is recommended that you protect your breasts and nipples from the sun. Sunbathing topless is not advised as the sun protection creams may give your baby an unpleasant taste when breastfeeding.

    Bear in mind is when it is hot your baby may feed more often as they become thirstier. This is absolutely fine, but do ensure you keep your energy levels up and drink lots of water too. More sun safety need-to-know for young babies

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  • 4. Limit the booze

    We all love a holiday cocktail - especially if it's all inclusive. But do keep your alcohol intake in mind if you're a breastfeeding mum. A glass of wine (1-2 units) is ok, but any more may make you feel tipsy and will cross into your milk. You can express your milk beforehand and give this to your baby if you want to let your hair down. Why timing your drinking of alcohol when you're breastfeeding is important

  • 5. Enjoy it!

    And the final thought before you grab your tickets and head off. If you’ve mastered feeding at home, don’t let being out and about be a stumbling block. Keep at it and remember people won’t be looking as much as you think. And, if you still need convincing, don't forget to read more top tips on breastfeeding in public

    Good luck! 

Last updated on 2 August 2011