7 incredible baby expressions you won't be able to resist

Angry baby, shocked baby, contented baby - we trawled Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Flickr to find these incredible baby expressions

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  • Defiant baby

    If you think I am going to lie back while you turn me into a miniature Zayn Malik, you've got another thing coming. For a start I'm so over Midnight Memories (and yours are surely all about night feeds?), and secondly, how am I supposed to explain my One Direction copycat quiff to that cutie at the coffee shop?

    From Instagram mum Lily Garcia @perkoskia

  • Amazed babies

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? We can only imagine, but these two cuties are clearly taken with something far more interesting than the camera lens. Whatever it is, we like to think that baby John Wayne (left) will come to the rescue of his damsel in distress should danger strike.

  • Angry baby

    I. WANT. PEPPA. PIG. NOW. We were more than a little scared by this irate baby's enraged expression. The wrinkled brow, open mouth and bangy hand mean business. It's doubtful whether even Supernanny Jo Frost could cope with this tantrum.

    From Flickr dad, jakarachuonyo

  • Condescending baby

    Possibly channelling Family Guy's eccentric one-year-old Stewie Griffin, this little mite has superiority written all over his face. So you forgot to sterilise the bottles and bought size one nappies in a fit of baby brain? Of course you did, says this world-weary look.  

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  • Contented baby

    Ah. There's nothing like a good feed. That happy little face and lolling head speak volumes - this contented infant is in a milky Shangri-la. Come to think of it, at MFM Towers, we look pretty similar to that after a double chocolate cookie or three.

    From Instagram mum Valerie Hardy @valeriekris

  • Remorseful baby

    Ok, I fess up. I'm about to do a poo in the bath. Just think of it as a bonus - I could have waited until you got me out onto your lap. Note: no ducks were harmed in the taking of this picture.

    From finadrea on Flickr

  • Shocked baby

    Just look at the shock coursing through this baby's body - it's even making his hair stand on end. Either he's spotted Labour leader Ed Miliband headed straight over for a bit of pre-election baby kissing, or he's just been allowed to watch his first ever episode of In the Night Garden.  

    From Flickr dad Scott Sherrill-Mix