New toys make learning fun

How to make learning through play fun

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  • New toys make learning fun

    Hasbro is the home of household toy names like Mr Potato Head, Play Doh, Tonka Toys and My Little Pony, and their Head Office in Providence, Rhode Island is a child’s play paradise, with special displays lining the corridors, and toys set out on the coffee table in reception.

  • New toys make learning fun

    New for Hasbro this year is their relaunched Playskool Busy Basics collection, which is aimed at youngsters in the 0-3 years range. These toybox essentials are designed to make learning fun, supporting and stimulating tots’ developmental skills while they play.

  • New toys make learning fun

    Busy Ball Choo Choo, £19.99 (9m+)

    This colourful train has three modes of play and when the ball dropping train is in place, the swirling put-and-take ball action keeps young ones giggling and exploring. The train also has brilliant sound effects, and chugs forward to encourage crawling.
  • New toys make learning fun

    Busy Ballivity Centre, £29.99 (9m+)

    Air-powered action brings this musical jungle to life and adds a new dimension and sensation for tots to enjoy. The put-and-take swirling ball pool, floating ball cannon and peek-a-boo monkey only add to the enjoyment.

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  • New toys make learning fun

    Step Start Walk ‘n’ Ride, £19.99 (9m+)

    This lovely toy is really two toys in one. In the sturdy and stable ‘walker mode’ it helps babies learn to stand and balance, and then take their first tentative steps. Once they’ve mastered walking it converts easily to a first ride on toy.


  • New toys make learning fun

    Busy Basics Elephant, £12.99 (3m+)

    A squeezable, huggable friendly blue elephant with eight different activities to keep little ones amused. From soft crinkly ears, a squeaker, clicking dial, to the rattle on his nose and peek-a-boo mirror on his foot, this cheerful, colourful jumbo will become a firm friend.

  • New toys make learning fun

    Helmet Heroes, £24.99 (3y+)

    Lights, sound, action! There’s something about the speed and sound of a police patrol, or racing car, that all toddlers love. With this clever toy boys with a sense of adventure can live out their make-believe dreams as a Traffic Cop or Racing Driver. Each realistic helmet comes complete with sounds, lights and microphones and a hand-held steering device.

  • New toys make learning fun

    The new Playskool range is available nationwide from leading toy stores, or visit for more information.


Last updated on 11 December 2008