Good morning,

I hope nobody minds me posting this. I know I haven't been much of a poster on here, but I've enjoyed keeping up wih things as a lurker and you've all been so lovely when I have posted that I wanted to share some news with you...

I woke up yesterday (9DPO) with the urge to test and got the faintest of faint pink lines on a FRER. Off I went to buy more tests, with the intention of doing them over the next few days. That went out of the window pretty much straight away and I did another couple as soon as I got home, including this one...

I'm still in shock, elated and terrified at the same time. We're trying hard not to get too carried away as it's obviously very early - I'm actually a little annoyed with myself for testing so soon!

Oddly, this is the first month since we starting TTC back in March that I haven't been 100% consumed by it (we're about to buy a house so have had other things on my mind), so it's come as even more of a shock!


Sadly, it seems this wasn't our month after all.

I started getting some light spotting and cramping on Thursday evening. A test showed an obvious line, but it was fainter than than the ones from a few days before. While a small part of me hoped that everything was still going to be OK, deep down I knew it was just a matter of time. By now, the bleeding is heavier with some clotting.

Upsettingly, after worrying all week that somethng was going to go wrong, Thursday was the first day I'd started to relax and I even dared myself to get excited. I've been very upset the last couple of days but I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm determined to take the positive from it all. I did get pregnant, meaning there's a good chance I will again. It's also confirmed something I already knew - my husband is amazing.