Amazing viral parenting pics of the week

A hero cat, a discount for 'well behaved kids' and more: catch up on this week's most-shared pics

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  • Violin player soothes crying baby

    We all know that sinking feeling when your baby just won't stop crying on public transport.

    Well, one kind violin player decided to help this mum out when her child wouldn't stop bawling on the subway in New York.

    He played the violin for the rest of her journey to keep her baby happy!

    Source: Imgur

  • Exam season is in full swing...

    … but it seems some pupils would much rather be on their iPads – and are prepared to go to amazing lengths to smuggle one into the classroom.

    "My friend is a middle school teacher," said the poster who shared this iPad-concealed-in-a-schoolbook snap. "She caught a student with this today."

    Source: Imgur

  • The look of guilt

    This picture represents something of a mystery.

    Just what do you think happened to make this little girl rub her cheek in such disgust?

    By the guilty look on the boy's face, we think she was probably the victim of a particularly slobbery kiss.

    Source: Imgur

  • Reward for good behaviour

    A couple went out for a meal and, to their astonishment, were rewarded with a discount off their bill for having 'well behaved kids'.

    The couple commented: "Out for brunch today with our 1-year old daughter, when we received our bill."

    We wonder what happens if your child behaves really badly...

    Source: Imgur

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  • And finally...

    … do you remember the story of the pet cat who saved a 4-year-old boy from a vicious dog attack?

    Well, now little Jeremy Triantafilo has publicly thanked his muggy saviour with this "She's a hero!" tribute.

    We couldn't agree more.

    Source: Imgur

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