Babies with pets: the top vids of the year

Cats, dogs and babies can make an 'awwww' combination. Here are our three favourite baby + animal = magic videos of 2013...

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  • Babies laughing at cats

    This compilation features cats chasing lasers and other toys, causing babies to laugh hysterically. In fact, when you’re a baby, cats are even hilarious just standing at the edge of your cot. And when a cat tries to claw your sock off – well, that’s just the funniest thing you have ever seen in your whole life.

  • Cat teaches baby how to walk

    It's the most important issue facing the Internet today: cats or babies - which is cuter? Watch this video of a cat teaching a baby how to walk while you figure out which side you're on.

  • Pet dog rocks newborn to sleep

    The Gethings family were so amazed to see their pet dog rock two-month-old Jarvis to sleep that they videoed it and posted it on Instagram.

    Dad Gerrard Gethings, a photographer from North London, said: “I think Jarvis finds Baxter soothing, maybe because he’s warm.