RD Back to school essentials: lunchboxes

15 fab lunchboxes for the perfect dining experience

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  • Be top of the class with these funky lunchboxes

    Score major points with even the fussiest of eaters with our selection of colourful, fun and quirky lunchboxes. You never know, you little one might even finish their lunch if it comes packed in one of these lookers.

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    Throughout this week, we'll be giving you our star picks on essential back to school items. So make sure you check in with us tomorrow to grab a peek at the best school bags.

    And if you're feeling nervous about your child's first day at school find out how to keep your cool.

    Check out our favourite lunchboxes for 2011!

  • Stephen Joseph Jet insulated lunchbox, £8.99

    Blast off with this ultra funky jet design, available at Becky and Lolo. It has a nifty mesh pocket inside to accomodate an ice-pack and Velcro straps inside to hold a water bottle. 

  • Decolello Apple lunchbox, £9.99

    With its adorable, feel-good cherry, apple, heart and ladybug motif, this is a definite for 'girlie' girls. The lid seal is air tight, making sure food is kept fresh, and it comes with a removable separator to keep different types of food apart. You can find this pink and red gem from CuteLikeCherries.  

  • Car lunchbag, £4.95

    Clad in a kooky car pattern, this recycled number from DotComGiftShop doubles up as an insulated lunchbox and cool bag. Great for keeping the teacher's apple and yummy yoghurts cool throughout the day. 

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  • Dancing Mice lunchbox, £8

    Prance around with this cutesy tin box from Emma Bridgewater

  • Sweetie lunchbox, £10.72

    Isn't it sweet? This bag from Funky Moose looks good enough to eat, and is perfect for your little smartie pants... 

  • Horse lunchbox with sports bottle, £13

    Equestrian enthusiasts will love this insulated horse-themed lunch bag from John Lewis. Cute as a button and featuring a detachable sports bottle, this will definitely keep your child smiling. 

  • Fire engine lunchbox, £7.98

    A great way to store your child's food fuel. This red, funky fire engine from Lakeland gives 'hot lunch' a new meaning!

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  • T-Rex insulated lunch bag, £7.83

    Devour your lunch with this roaringly fab bag from The Natural History Museum Shop. Your child can impress their friends with interesting facts about the T-Rex, which are on the back of the bag. Genius! 

  • Charlie and Lola lunchbox, £6.99

    Be Lola-lovely with this retro-style tin box from Pink Milk

  • Apple lunchbox, £9.99

    This delicious looking apple bag from Strawberry Fool is perfect for keeping sandwiches in. Just twist the stalk to open! 

  • Roald Dahl crocodile lunch bag, £9.99

    This snappy little number comes in a backpack style bag with adjustable straps. Clad in the enormous crocodile character from Roald Dahl's classic children's book, this versatile wonder from Sugar Plum Tree can be used as a lunch and school bag combination.

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  • Ladybird lunch cooler bag, £9.99

    This dotty bag from Toys R Us is perfect for ladybug fans. It comes with lots of zips and different compartments where you can store your child's lunch to avoid it getting squished. It's also insulated to keep food cool. 

  • Tyrrell Katz Robot lunchbox, £10.95

    This kooky Tyrrell Katz robot print lunchbox, available at The Pod Company, is insulated with a handy Velcro drink holder on the side. Your child can keep their lunch buddies entertained by introducing them to the robotic characters on the front of the bag. 

  • The Owl and the Pussycat tin, £8

    This tin started its life as a beautiful biscuit holder full of yummy biscuits inspired by Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat. Use this illustrated, versatile tin from the V&A shop as a lunch box. 

  • Giraffe snack pack, £5.99

    Based on the 'snack bag' design, these simple bags with funky motifs are perfect for your child's sandwiches. Just roll down the top to keep it sealed and reseal it day after day. Check out this cheeky giraffe version from Wellies and Worms