Celebrity guide to pregnancy

The celebs sure know how to do pregnancy in style! Here’s the weird and wonderful guide on how to do pregnancy the celeb way…

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  • Step 1

    To achieve full celebrity pregnancy status, don’t actually admit you’re pregnant, no matter how big your bump gets a la Evangeline Lilly. 

  • Step 2

    Follow Hilary Duff’s lead and wear heels higher than most models would until you absolutely can’t take it anymore (or everyone moans at you for doing it).

  • Step 3

    Make a joke out of the fact that you’re pregnant with an ironic photo, like Amanda Holden with a ‘Bump’ road sign.

  • Step 4

    Why not copy Stacey Solomon and share your scan photo with thousands of people you’ve never even met on Twitter?

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  • Step 5

    Be just like Una Healy and always say yes to a freebie!

  • Step 6

    Flaunt the cravings you have for food that you so wouldn’t normally eat, like Jessica Simpson and, er, toasted sandwiches. Yes, that’s right, a carbohydrate!

  • Step 7

    Take a leaf out of Michelle Heaton’s book and get your hubby to do all the pre-baby DIY.

  • Step 8

    While pregnant, keep active with an odd hobby like Danielle Lloyd who gave fishing a go.

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  • Step 9

    Take pictures of your bump obsessively – the hand on the bump is NOT optional. Getting a partner involved like Tori Spelling is a bonus!

  • Step 10

    Be just like Amanda Holden and tell everyone the unflattering nickname your husband has come up with to describe you now you’re pregnant. In Amanda’s case it was Mr Greedy!