Dan Osborne's children - the undisputed showbiz tots of Instagram

Dan and Jac Jossa's baby daughter Ella and Dan's toddler son Teddy put the 'Yes!' into over-sharing

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  • The middle child

    It's usually mums who just can't resist sharing endless cute pics of their babies and toddlers - but we're so pleased to see so many celeb dads using their Instagram and Twitter too. Dan Osborne's family-life Instagram feed featuring Teddy and Ella, as well as fiancé Jacqueline Jossa, NEVER disappoints! 

  • Not my big bro Ted, but my big squishy pal Ted

    Baby Ella no doubt adores cuddles and sloppy toddler kisses from big brother Teddy, but for now has to make do with this plush substitute. "How much would you love a giant one of these?" her proud dad asks. Totally, says the world (and the bear is pretty cute, too!)

  • Higher, Daddy

    "Teddy absolutely loved the trampolines at Drop Zone," Dan comments as he shares this image. And what about you Dan? After all, who DOESN'T just love trampolining? 

  • Time for a Ted talk

    "My boy," says Dan proudly of this sweet dad-and-son pic. And their serious faces suggest there is important boy bonding going on. Footie on the telly, perhaps?

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  • And dad makes 3

    And of course, no dad photos would be complete without one taken on Father's Day. Dan gushed "Feeling so so so blessed.. My absolute world!"

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