Dentinox baby model competition finalists announced!

Meet the 10 finalists in the Practical Parenting and Dentinox beautiful baby 2010 competition

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  • When we asked you to enter your babies into our 2010 model competition and tell us why your little one is so special, our inbox filled up fast! The prize is to appear as a baby model on the front cover of Practical Parenting and the packaging of a Dentinox product, and boy, did we have some super-cute piccies and heartwarming stories.

    We then had the tricky task of whittling all the entries down to 10 regional finalists who joined us on a photo shoot. Here are their pictures, arranged in order of region, and don't forget to check out Practical Parenting’s October issues, on sale 1 September, to see who won.

  • East Anglia

    Darcie Grace Todd, 9 months, from Suffolk

    Darcie’s mum, Abigail, says: “When I entered I submitted a poem about Darcie, which I wrote really quickly as the closing date for the competition was looming. I put that ‘She’s the most special baby you’ve seen in a while’, took a quick snap and here we are!”


    Emily Honeyman, 6 months, from Middlesex

    Emily’s mum, Julie, says: “Emily was born after four IVF attempts and, after a premature delivery, she spent four days in intensive care over Christmas. She’s our little star, beautiful with a button nose, dimple chin, blue eyes and gorgeous, cheeky grin.”

  • Midlands

    Chloe Tsang, 7 months, from Birmingham

    Chloe’s mum, Jee Wan, says: “Chloe has the cheekiest smile in the world and whenever I feel low or have a bad day, I look at her and she cheers me up. We entered her picture as a bit of fun, and are so excited to have been selected. Win or lose, we’re very proud parents.”

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    Ethan Haigh, 8 months, from Pocklington

    Ethan’s mum, Claire, says: “We sent Ethan’s photo in and came back from holiday to find a phone message to say he was in the final 10. Every mum thinks her baby is beautiful so to win would be fantastic and, of course, confirm what I already know!”


    Oliver Harrison, 8 months, from Tideswell

    Oliver’s mum, Alison, says: “Oliver is hardly ever grumpy, and his great big eyes are always sparkling up at me. We come from a tiny village and everyone is so very excited for him to be in the final 10. We’re completely gobsmacked we’re here, especially as we hardly ever enter competitions.”


    Hannah McConville, 8 months, from Belfast

    Hannah’s mum, Jane, says: “Hannah’s such an inquisitive baby, into everything and everyone around her, and she loves to socialise. It was such a huge surprise to get the phone call saying she was in the final 10, and it would be so wonderful if she won.”


    Luke Tobyn, 10 months, from Glasgow

    Luke’s mum, Stephanie, says: “Luke is our bright star, lighting up the room with his blue eyes, infectious smile and friendly personality. He gets so much attention when we’re out and about, with lots of people stopping to say hello to him. I’m going back to work soon and I’ll miss him and his smile.”

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    Joshua Hajimustafa, 5 months, from Canterbury

    Joshua’s mum, Alexandra, says: “We were expecting twin boys, but sadly lost Joshua’s brother during pregnancy. But Joshua stayed strong and was born at 37 weeks. He’s our little miracle and to see his smiling face on the cover of Practical Parenting would be amazing.”


    Chloe Purcell, 9 months, from Taunton

    Chloe’s mum, Zoe, says: “After being born seven weeks early, and delivered by her dad Matthew on our bathroom floor, Chloe spent a lot of time in intensive care, battling infections and jaundice. She’s now strong, doing great and into absolutely everything!”


    Samuel Lloyd, 5 months, from Merthyr Tydfil

    Samuel’s mum, Janine, says: “Samuel smiles from the minute he wakes up to the moment he drifts off to sleep, it’s as if he can’t stop grinning. He’s such a happy, fun baby and for him to win would be amazing, and a great souvenir for his baby box.”