Most quirky celeb baby pics of 2013

Harper Beckham, Pearl Osbourne – and more...

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  • Complete turkey for Winnie, baby of US TV host Jimmy Fallon

    When US TV show host Jimmy Fallon wanted to get his daughter in the Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas spirit, he could have dressed her as a Pilgrim or an elf.

    But, never one to do things by halves, the US chat show host dressed his 4-month-old daughter as a turkey in a crocheted hat and turkey onesie, complete with tail. Gobble gobble!

  • Harper Beckham's Fashion Week front row

    As Victoria Beckham made the final preparations for her show at New York Fashion Week, there was one little behing-the-scenes spectator who was already her biggest fan.

    Perched on her dad’s lap, Harper, 2, stared in awe at the models wearing her mum’s designs.

    Victoria tweeted the dress-rehearsal pic with the caption: “‪#SS14 Run through. Nice shorts @GuidoPalau ! x vb”

    And, later, Harper joined such fashionistas as Anna Wintour on the front row – after quick outfit change, natch!

    Later on, and after a quick outfit change, Harper was back in the best seat in the house – David Beckham’s lap!

    Even formidable American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour couldn’t resist smiling at the adorable tot!

  • Pearl dressed as Ozzy

    It seems the 18-month-old Pearl Osbourne might have had a helping hand from her dad Jack in creating this Ozzy Osbourne look.

    Jack tweeted: “The Princess of Darkness.”

    We wonder if granddad Ozzy and grandma Sharon approved of her get-up!

  • Kai Rooney as The Mask

    Coleen Rooney got in the Halloween spirit this year by dressing three-year-old Kai up as The Mask.

    With a green face, yellow suit and polka dot tie, Kai looked just like Jim Carrey’s character from the 1994 film.

    Coleen commented: “Happy Halloween......... Smoking!! X0"

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  • Vivian Lake breastfeeding while Gisele worked

    When we multitask it usually involved stuffing a piece of toast in our gob while we run out of the front door.

    But when model Gisele multitasks by breastfeeding her 11-month-old baby Vivian Lake while being prepped for a shoot, she looks like an actual goddess.

    Of course, it helps if you’re a supermodel and you have a crack team of make-up artists, hairdressers and manicurists at your beck and call.

    Gisele commented: “What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #multitasking #gettingready”