See baby Pearl Osbourne's extended family holiday pix!

Granddad Ozzy Osbourne shows he's a softy at heart in the famous family's holiday photos

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  • Mini mosher

    New mum Lisa Osbourne has shared some fun family snaps on her official blog RaddestMom

    Taken during a recent family holiday to Cabo, Mexico, it appears 8-month-old Pearl already takes after her famous grandfather, Ozzy Osbourne, and certainly isn’t camera shy.

    The 63-year-old rocker beams as he lifts the cute tot over his head. 

  • Awesome aunty

    Pearl strikes a pose with her sunnies, while Aunty Kelly admires the cute pink frill on her custom Black Sabbath t-shirt. 

  • Rockin' baby

    Grandmother Sharon dotes on future rock chick Pearl, who's wearing Ozzy's famous round sunglasses. 

  • Daddy cool

    Tiny Pearl gets a cuddle from dad Jack on their luxe hotel balcony. Check out that amazing view!

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  • Sitting pretty

    Pearl was all smiles on her family holiday but with that beaming grin who could blame the infamous TV family for making her the centre of attention. 

  • Teething tot

    Pearl, who's seen wearing amber teething beads, soaks up the breathtaking view with her mum Lisa.

    The newlywed wrote on her blog: "We spent a few days in Caboo together, and it was magical! Great trip, but I'm glad to be back home hanging Christmas decorations."

    Where have you taken your little one on holiday? Let us know below... 

Last updated on 26 November 2012