Vanessa Lachey's buggy dilemma

Nick Lachey's wife Vanessa appears to be having trouble choosing a buggy, tweeting pics of various styles and colours - will she use them all?

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  • Buggy choice no.1

    First up Vanessa tweeted a pic of a red and black Bugaboo Cameleon. The mum-to-be wrote, "We love the red & black #GoBearcats". We're sure the Cincinnati football team are delighted, but will it sway Vanessa to step out with this buggy?

  • Buggy choice no.2

    Next up Vanessa tweeted a picture of this UPPABaby Vista buggy. She wrote, "#greenmided! I love what the company's about & especially love the EXTRA large storage & smooth ride." Hmm... perhaps Vanessa's desire to fill the shopper will tempt her to use this black and white beauty.

  • Buggy choice no.3

    Take 3 and Vanessa tweets her support for the Mutsy Evo. The pregnant star told followers, "This is simple to use & STYLISH! I love the matte black frame w/navy bassinet & seat." Vanessa will certainly be on trend if she opts for this buggy - fellow new mum Chantelle Houghton also opted for a sleek dark buggy.

  • Buggy choice no.4

    Vanessa's clearly a woman who likes to have options, so this Orbit Baby G2 looks like it could be a winner! Vanessa tweeted, "BEST travel system. G2 is all-in-one! It's great since we travel so much. From car to stroller to airplane!" We wonder what Nick thinks...

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  • Last but not least...

    We couldn't help adding this little guy in - he looks like he's involved in the buggy decision making after all, popping up in the Orbit Baby pic. We bargain Vanessa will go with the dog's choice.