Essential products to keep your pregnancy a secret

If you're in your first trimester and are waiting for the 12-week mark before announcing the baby news, check out these vital companions

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  • Products to keep your pregnancy concealed

    So you've found out that you're pregnant and you're ecstatic but there's one problem - you don't want anyone to know yet. Keeping your baby news a secret for the first 12 weeks isn't an easy feat, what with doctor appointments, possible morning sickness, plus tiredness and fatigue.

    To help you keep your pregnancy news under wraps until the time is right, we've selected the key items to carry around with you to ensure your secret is safe, plus one for the bathroom cupboard at home.

    From a cute purse to keep your vitamins in to nifty wristbands to hold nausea at bay, our pick of products will help you keep the pregnancy news private.

    Make sure you also take a look at the experts' advice on how to keep your pregnancy news quiet for the first 12 weeks.

  • Hide the pregnancy evidence

    With folic acid or any other pregnancy vitamins and supplements to be taken, you don't want to risk someone spotting the containers in your bag! A cute little coin purse is perfect for storing these, and you won't have to pull out the noisy bottles each time you need to pop a pill.

    Chien Purse, £18, from Lapin & Me

  • Refresh your skin

    Feeling tired? It can affect your skin, so refresh your face with this natural facial scrub especially for mums-to-be.

    Beaute de Maman facial scrub in pregnancy, £14.44

  • Put colour in your (morning sick) face

    If you're paranoid about looking as sickly as you feel, put some colour in your cheeks with this soft and creamy blusher that's a convenient size to pop into your bag.

    Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint, £16.50

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  • Ease the morning sickness

    If you're suffering from morning sickness and tired of running to the loo every five minutes or discreetly sipping water, these rather cool accupressure wristbands are worth a try. Wear them under a long-sleeved top and no one will ever know! The theory is they work by pressing down on your pressure points, which control sickness and dizziness.

    The Sea-Band, £7.99 a pack

Last updated on 17 November 2010