Top baby names revealed

Which were the most popular boys and girls names for 2010? Find out here

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  • Baby name ideas for mums-to-be

    Top Baby Names for 2010 revealed

    The most popular baby names for the last 12 months have been revealed, with some names dropping off the top spot, and some staying

  • Girl name news

    Girls get new inspirations

    Katie and Amy have dropped out of the top 20 female names list, perhaps as stars Katie Price and Amy Winehouse have fallen from favour. The highest climber in the most popular list was Bella - inspired by the lead character in Twilight perhaps?

  • Boy name news

    Boys get a new number one

    Jack has now been bumped off the number one spot after 16 years at the top, and into second place, to be replaced by Oliver, with the shortened version Ollie jumping 56 places into the top 100

  • Top boy names

    Top 10 boys names

    1. Jack
    2. Oliver
    3. Charlie
    4. Harry
    5. Alfie
    6. Thomas
    7. Joshua
    8. William
    9. James
    10. Daniel
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  • Top girl names

    Top 10 girl names

    1. Olivia
    2. Sophie
    3. Lily
    4. Emily
    5. Ruby
    6. Jessica
    7. Chloe
    8. Ava
    9. Grace
    10. Amelia
  • More baby name info

    What's in a name?

    For more baby name ideas, for boys and girls, and for the common meanings, visit the Babyexpert Baby Namer Tool.

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Last updated on 4 January 2011