10 of the best baby chairs and rockers

Baby chairs are a great way for new mums to get some peace, here's our pick of the best...

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  • Baby chairs, bouncers and rockers; what are they?

    Buying a baby chair is a good investment - you get some hands-free time and your baby is entertained (hopefully).

    There are many different chairs that offer different features and benefits, some have recline positions and most come with a mobile or toy bar to keep little ones entertained. 

    Price-wise, you're likely to find a chair to suit any budget; from the top of the range all singing, all dancing models to the most basic of chairs, (probably like you had as a baby.)

    Remember the 2-hour rule

    So what types of baby chairs are there? 

    • Rockers are usually suitable from birth until about 6 months and have slanted bases so that you can rock your baby girl gently while she lies in the chair.  The rocking motion can help to soothe some babies, and most rockers enable you to just give it a nudge with your toe to set it moving.
    • Bouncers can sit newborns and babies until they can sit upright, which is usally about 6 months.  They are flexible enough to moves slightly when you push down or when your baby kicks as she gets older.  Bouncers usually have a toy bars, ideal for keeping your baby entertained while you get things done.  And they can come in handy feeding seat for when you begin weaning.
    • Swing chairs are ideal if your baby will only settle when she’s being rocked or walked back and forth.  Usually suitable from birth, this type of chair can normally be used until your child is about 6-months-old.  

     Now read our our top picks...

  • Mothercare Spots Bouncer, £14.99

    A traditional baby bouncer in a timeless design that's affordable for everyone and keeps your little one safe and snug. The Mothercare Spots Bouncer and has soothed millions of babies over the years - your mum most likely had you in one yourself.

    With a wipe-clean cotton cover, a crotch-strap safety harness and non-slip rubber feet and there are no frills with this baby bouncer - it's all about simplicity.

    Our tester loved the lightweight frame and made up for the lack of toys by attaching her own.

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  • BabaBing loBO Baby Bouncer, £59

    The BabaBing loBO baby bouncer is a slick bit of baby kit that you won't wish you could hide away. Big on comfort and secure - thanks to a three-point harness - this chair has a gentle, fluid, bouncing motion that soothed our tiny tester to sleep in an instant.

    The machine-washable head hugger is a plus point for mums and babies will be entertained by the soft, cuddly mobiles.

    With a mocha and lime zest colour scheme, this bouncer a stylish piece. It's worth knowing though, that the chair only has one recline position.

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  • Chicco Hoopla Bouncer, £59.95

    A soft, sturdy and comfy chair that has the added bonus of folding flat, the Chicco Hoopla is a great for holidays and travel - pop it in the car boot and you can be hands-free home and away.

    This is an award-winning chair that features a three-point harness and four easy-to-use recline positions - just press the button at the side to release the recline mechanism.

    A toy bar comes supplied with the chair and the adjustable head rest and removable cushions mean that it's easy to make your baby comfy.  Suitable up to around nine months.

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  • Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer, £29.99

    A great value bouncer with enough entertainment to keep your little one amused and a soothing vibrating mode for when you junior needs a nap.

    Our reviewer rated the Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer as one of those 'can't live without' bit of baby kit.

    With an activity bar with two soft toys, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck with this chair.

    Easy to take apart, with a machine-washable cover, this bouncer can soothe and amuse which leaves your own hands free.

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  • 4Moms MammaRoo Swing, £179

    A show-stopping baby chair that combines technology with design, the 4Moms MammaRoo will certainly get your baby friends talking.

    With five different swing movements (from tree swing, to car ride) this chair bounces up and down and side to side - as you would if you were soothing your baby yourself.

    The swing modes and the music can be controlled via Bluetooth on an iPhone or Android app and there are several seat recline options, as well as a five-point harness and toys galore to keep junior entertained; our newborn tester was a big fan.

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  • Nuna Leaf Rocker, £160

    The Prima Baby 2015 award winner for best baby bouncer/rocker, the Nuna Leaf is style and substance combined.  

    It moves unassisted with a gentle push for over two minutes without the need for batteries, or wires, is suitable from birth to a whopping 60kg, and can be locked into position for feeding.

    A toy bar (sold separately) will keep your little one entertained and if you decide to take the Leaf outside you can also purchase an attachable sun canopy or mosquito net.

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  • Baby Bjorn Balance Bouncer, £120

    A simple yet stylish baby bouncer that does what it says on the tin. There are no fancy music, connections or vibrating modes with this chair but mums have been a big fan of the Baby Bjorn Balance for many years.

    The upright position means that baby can see the world in front of him or her and the chair is rocked either by you or by the action of your baby. 

    The ergonomic design of the bouncer gives your baby proper head and back support from their newborn days until they are around two years old and there is a removable toy bar to give just a little extra entertainment.

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  • Bloom Coco Baby Lounger, £130

    A super stylish baby chair and rocker that will add a touch of chic to your house, the Bloom Coco baby lounger has a smooth, self-rocking motion to naturally soothe your baby.

    The curved, wooden seat is lined with soft leatherette or 100% organic cotton fabrics (choose) and a 5-point padded safety harness keeps your little one safely in place.

    Our tester loved the simplicity of this baby chair and so did her little one. She also highlighted the attention to detail, which is outstanding - for example, the underside of the coco has non-slip strips baby will stay put and your floor won’t suffer any damage either.

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  • East Coast Nursery Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper, £99.99

    With three positions, including fully reclined, a removable baby-activated mobile, soft toys and music box with nine different tunes the Tiny Love 3-in-1 rocker is like the Roll Royce of baby chairs.

    Our reviewer liked the fact that it sits high off the ground and was a big fan of the volume control on the music box.

    This is a spacious chair, with plenty of room to grow in, which is best for babies from around a month old to six months old.

    Unlike some other chairs it doesn't have a huge frame, so its a hit for its space saving design an the mobile and flashing lights were an instant hit with our four month old tester.

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  • Mamas and Papas Starlite Swing, £79.95

    A portable chair packed with handy feature this folding, travel-ready baby swing has a choice of five settings swing settings, recline positions and timer settings  - set the chair to swing for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

    With an MP3 plug in, so you can personalise the music and a twinkling lightshow on the removable, adjustable overhead canopy, there's plenty to keep babies amused leaving you hands-free. Our reviewer loved the three height positions and the ability to fold the chair.

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