10 of the best buggies suitable for a newborn

The top 10 lie-flat buggies designed to be used from birth

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  • Buggies that will cradle your newborn bundle

    From birth buggies are those that either feature a carrycotlie flat seat or a 2-in-1 carrycot that converts into the buggy seat (or equivalent nifty feature in the Mothercare Roam case).

    Lots of buggies are advertised as being suitable from the day of your baby's birth but many will require a carrycot that attaches to the chassis in order for your little one to lie flat.

    Newborns need to lie flat so that their lungs can develop and they can breath easily. A lie flat position is also essential for your baby’s spinal development because it will help spine growth and in time strengthen muscle tone.

    So we've picked the best pushchairs for new parents that'll keep infants comfy and secure... 

  • My Babiie MB150 2-in-1 Pushchair and Pram, £199.99

    A brand new travel system on the market by newcomers My Babiie, the MB150 travel system comes with a carrycot, car seat and complete pushchair, all for under 200 quid!

    The new British company has made the MB150 "for parents who want style," but we can't help seeing a certain best-selling, celeb fave Dutch pushchair when we look it.  

    Doppleganging style aside, it's a functional, versatile and cheap, ideal for new parents on a budget.

    Check out the review of the lightweight version, the My Babiie Billie stroller.

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  • Mothercare Roam, £249.99

    The Roam is the new 3-in-1 travel system that’s replacing the ever-popular Mothercare Xpedior buggy. 

    Suitable from birth, it comes complete with an infant car seat and a convertible carrycot that will turn into a seat unit when your little one is old enough to sit up.

    So there's no need to buy a separate carrycot and you get all this for less than £250. 

    But the major selling point of the Roam may be its compact fold, as it’s just a little smaller in size as the Xpedior pushchair, which can fit into the boot of a compact Mini car, that’s a tiny space!

    You can buy the Roam here.

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  • Britax B-Smart 4-wheel, £329.99

    Scoring full marks in our Britax B-Smart 4-wheel buggy review, it's hard to fault this from birth buggy. New mums and dads like the one-handed fold and the deep, cosy lie-flat seat that allows your baby to strech out.

    This buggy's sister model, the Britax B-Smart 3-wheel buggy, also scores highly with our reviewer commenting that it, "would turn on a sixpence".

    You can buy the Britax B-Smart on Amazon

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  • Hauck Duett 2, £399.99

    This single to double buggy from German manufacturer Hauck is competitively priced and worth the investment if you already have a baby and a toddler, or think your family might grow in the future.

    As a single pushchair, the Duett 2 can be used with the carrycot from newborn, which can then be converted into a forward or rear-facing seat unit as your baby grows.

    The second sibling seat can be added to the bottom of the buggy when you need a tandem, also either facing forwards or backwards.

    Our reviewer found it lightweight, easy to push and comfortable – and it is now travel system compatible with Hauck’s own Group 0+ Comfort car seat.

    Read the full review of the Hauck Duett 2.

    Buy the Hauck Duett 2 from Mothercare or Precious Little One

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  • Joie Chrome Plus Travel System, £399.99

    This versatile, lie-flat, buggy and travel system has been a big hit with parents of newborns and toddlers - the Chrome Plus is compact and comfy and gets a thumbs up from for its easy-to-use fold and huge basket.

    And as it comes with a carrycot and Joie Gemm car seat it's great for newborns. 

    Check out the Joie Chrome Plus review

    You can buy the Chrome Plus from Mothercare, Kiddicare or Amazon  

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  • Silver Cross Wayfarer, £645

    Silver Cross is a British business steeped in history and with Royal backing thrown in (didn’t we all love seeing Prince George in his Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance!).

    But while little touches like the chrome rim detail and 11 fabric choices add luxury, the £595 price tag of this package represents great value as it includes the chassis and seat unit which can be used forward or rear-facing, as well as the lie-flat carrycot for use from newborn, or even overnight sleeping.

    The Wayfarer is compatible with the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat to make it a complete travel-system while adaptors are also available so the pram can be used with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble or Cabriofix car seat.

    Our MFM reviewer said it’s “hard not to fall in love with this pram” and highlighted its quality finish, comfort and value for money.

    Read the full review of the Silver Cross Wayfarer here.

    You can buy the Wayfarer direct from Silver Cross, or from Boots, Mothercare, and John Lewis.

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  • Babystyle Egg, £799

    The first luxury travel system from Babystyle, the makers of the much-loved Oyster pushchair, the Egg was one of the most talked about buggies of 2015.

    Set as a rival to the likes of the iCandy Peach and Bugaboo Cameleon, this high-end pushchair, is a guaranteed head-turner.

    Suitable from birth to 15kg (approx 3 years) the buggy comes with a carrycot, making it ideal for newborns.  But it was the Egg's easy folding system, supreme comfort for little ones and great manoeuvrability that has seen it garner a fantastic (and very difficult to get) 5 out of 5 stars in our MFM review.

    Check out the review of the Babystyle Egg

    You can buy the Egg from Mothercare

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  • Joolz Day 2 buggy, from £799

    The updated version of the Joolz Day, the new Day 2 has had 20 improvements and is slimmer by 3cm, has “completely puncture-proof tyres” and a magnetic harness. Plus it features elevators for the seat unit, so your baby can now sit higher up.

    But the major selling point of the new Joolz Day 2 buggy is undoubtedly the carrycot. While most carrycots have a ventilation window in the hood, Joolz has also added a see-through ventilation panel in the bottom of the carrycot.

    Read more about the Joolz Day 2 and other buggies for 2017.

    The Joolz Day 2 is available from Natural Baby Shower, and The Babystore.

  • Bugaboo Cameleon 3, from £845

    You’d be hard pressed to walk through certain areas in London without spotting more than a few of these buggies out and about.

    But although Bugaboo’s popular Cameleon is almost synonymous with celeb mums (Jessica Ennis Hill, Claire Sweeney and Kimberley Walsh have all been spotted pushing the pram), it’s not just fashion that buoys this brand.

    The well-made chassis can be topped with a convertible seat unit/carrycot that will stand the test of time, and they do keep their resale value too. The Cameleon 3 includes a five-point harness, among other updates, and can last from newborn until your little one is almost at school, as well as being travel system compatible.

    Our MFM reviewer found the Cameleon very fluid to push and made particular note of its “stylish design, ability to grow with your child from newborn up to age three, and lightness of movement that’s at ease in the city and country”.

    Read what else our reviewer thought of the Bugaboo Cameleon 3.

    Buy the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 direct from Bugaboo, or from John Lewis, or Mothercare.

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  • Stokke Trailz, £1,208

    Stokke is a superbrand when it comes to push chairs. The Scandinavian company has built a formidable reputation as a trusted provider of high-end strollers.

    And with its latest buggy, the Trailz, Stokke has added another stylish and sturdy product to its stable.

    With its chunky, air-filled wheels, high seat position and suitability for all terrains, this is one buggy that will keep your little one truly comfortable from birth.

    Coming in at £939 for the chassis and seat unit, adding the carrycot to use the Trailz from birth makes the total a hefty £1,208.

    Despite the top-end price tag, our reviewer felt the investment was worth it “for the quality, features and resale value of this buggy”, but warned it’s not a pushchair for small spaces.

    Read the full Stokke Trailz review here.

    Buy the Stokke Trailz from Stokke, Mamas & Papas, and Pramworld.

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