10 of the best double buggies

Whether you’re pregnant with twins, or a toddler mum with baby no. 2 on the way, a double buggy means one pair of hands can transport both little ones.

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  • What kind of double buggies are on the market?

    One double buggy option is the twin buggy. It sees your twins, or toddler and baby, sitting side-by-side. Yes, this does mean it’s wider than a single buggy, and you may not glide seamlessly through every doorway!

    Alternately, you can opt for a tandem buggy. This is where your twins, or toddler and baby, sit one behind the other. What you save on width, you sometimes gain in length (depending on the model), so try to have a push of both a twin and tandem before you buy anything. Some tandems ‘stack’ your children, and so reduce the length of the buggy. Some tandems can also be bought as a single buggy, and converted to a double. Phil & Teds and iCandy are just two companies that offer these versatile options.

    Style aside, there’s also a wide price range. So, we’ve selected 10 of the best double buggies, ranging from £140 to more than £1300, to help you decide what works for your babies - and your budget.

    Of course, before you spend a penny, make sure you see our step-be-step buyer's guide to double buggies, and find out whether a twin or tandem is the best double buggy option for you.

  • Joie Aire Twin, £120

    The UK baby products company launched this ultra lightweight twin buggy in 2015 weighing a respectable 11.6kg and with features including independently reclining seats, adjustable leg rests and dual wheel suspension.

    At 75cm wide, it's not the narrowest, but it does have a one-hand fold and is freestanding when folded. Don't be put off by the pink and blue seat covers - each is reversible so can be altered to suit your family, or you can choose the buggy's red, black and grey Ladybird Chevron pattern.

    And at £120, this is a good value option that can be used from newborn to 15kg.  

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    Buy the Joie Aire Twin on Amazon, Kiddicare, and Precious Little One.

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  • Graco Stadium Duo, £199.99

    The Graco Stadium Duo does everything you need a basic double buggy to do and it costs less than £200 (a lot less from some retailers!).

    Despite its 'cheap double buggy' status, our reviewer says it still has added little luxuries, like comfortable material on the seat unit, cup holders and a large shopping basket.   

    Receiving full marks for its easy-fold mechanism and a respectable four stars out of five for robustness, the pushchair has proved to be value for money.

    Read our full Graco Stadium Duo review.

    Buy the Graco Stadium Duo on Amazon or from Argos.

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  • Hauck Freerider Tandem, £199.99

    The Freerider is German brand Hauck’s versatile three-wheeler – a buggy that can be used as either a single or double and has an option to become a travel system for younger babies with the addition of a car seat (£80).

    At £199, our reviewer thought it was fantastic value as she was impressed with the high quality, flexibility and ease of pushing. The generous seat size is well suited to older children, although the buggy can take a newborn in the upper seat when fully reclined.

    Read the full Hauck Freerider review here

    Buy the Hauck Freerider on Amazon or from Mothercare.

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  • Cosatto Supa Dupa, £320

    Cosatto has created another colourful and bright head-turner with the Supa Dupa.  The side-by-side double is a bigger and sturdier version of the much-loved You2 Twin stroller, but it is still slim enough to fit through doorways without any trouble.  

    Unlike the older version, our reviewer says the Supa Dupa is a joy to push on flat and solid ground, however, it is not an all-terrain and does not cope well on grass or gravel.

    In terms of comfort for your baby and toddler, our reviewer gave it full marks. It also comes in lots of regularly changing statement styles, which will either be your thing - or not. 

    Read our full Cosatto Supa Dupa review.

    Buy the Cosatto Supa Dupa on Amazon, or direct from Cosatto.

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  • Cosatto Shuffle, £330

    Cosatto didn't disappoint our reviewer with another bright and distinctively designed buggy - this one is a tandem suitable from newborn in the rear seat and from six months in the front.

    It's long, at 100cm, but its 51cm width means the Cosatto Shuffle is easy to get through doorways and onto public transport, and our reviewer was impressed with just how much came in the box for the price, meaning no extras to buy.

    Read our full Cosatto Shuffle review here

    Buy the Cosatto Shuffle on Amazon or direct from Cosatto.

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  • Mountain Buggy Duet, £549

    Replacing the much-loved Mountain Buggy Duo, the Duet is an interchangeable double buggy, suitable from birth to 4 years, which offers a smooth ride both on and off-road. The seats of the Duo can be adjusted independently of each other, are car seat and carrycot compatible and you can even replace one of the seats with a clip-on storage bag, if you are out with one child shopping.

    Despite being a twin (side by side) buggy, it’s still cleverly compact at only 63cm wide, which makes it the smallest side-by-side newborn twin travel system on the market.

    Read our full Mountain Buggy Duet review.

    Buy the Mountain Buggy Duet on Amazon or direct from Mountain Buggy.

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  • Jané Twone buggy, £649

    The Twone is a lightweight tandem pushchair that has been specifically designed for families planning on having two children, expecting twins or a second baby, says Jané. 

    Our MadeForMums reviewer says the buggy is indeed easy to steer and the anodised aluminium chassis means it’s light to push. She also says that manoeuvring the pram is so easy, it makes shopping on a busy high street with two children enjoyable. Probably why it got 5 stars out of 5!

    To use from birth with twin babies, you can buy additional carrycots which double as lie-flat car seats, which take the price up to £1,093

    Read our full Jané Twone review

    You can buy the Twone from Mothercare, or buy the full Jané Twone from-birth package

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  • Phil & Teds Vibe Inline Double, £698

    Phil & Teds Vibe is a versatile tandem pushchair (or inline double, in Phil & Teds’ speak) that can also be used as a single buggy. It has a whopping 23 different riding options, so you're sure to find one that will suit the family. 

    An updated version of the first Vibe, which came on the market back in 2009, the new 3-wheeled ATP is bigger and taller, but lighter in weight. It costs £549 as a single, and you can add the double pack - which also fits Phil & Ted's Verve - for £149.

    It has six different handle height positions and a detachable buggy board which converts into scooter for your child. The Phil & Teds Vibe Inline Double also boasts a one-touch handle brake and fold mechanism.

    Read the full Phil & Teds Vibe Inline Double buggy review here

    Buy the Phil & Teds Vibe Inline Double from Mothercare or Phil & Teds

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  • iCandy Peach 3 Blossom Twin, £1300

    A third-generation buggy in the dynasty that has become the iCandy Peach 3, the twin pushchair is just one of the options for the buggy.  You can purchase the Peach 3 as a single stroller, and convert it into either the Peach 3 Blossom or Peach 3 Blossom Twin.
    The £1300 price tag includes two seat units and two newborn carrycots, which are approved for overnight sleeping. The chassis is fairly light and weighs 14.2kg.

    The stylish buggy is the Land Rover of the buggy world, according to our reviewer, being sturdy, fantastically manoeuvrable and good looking to boot.

    Read the full iCandy Peach 3 review here

    You can buy the iCandy Peach 3 from John Lewis and direct from iCandy.

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  • Bugaboo Donkey Twin, £1329

    Years ago Bugaboo created the first expandable chassis with the Donkey, which made it different to most double buggies on the market that usually extended inline (tandem style).

    Despite a price tag of £1329 for the twin version, or £1199 for the tandem (for two children of different ages), the Donkey continues to remain one of the most sought after pushchairs on the market. It carries double seats, car seats and carrycots and while it is still a bit tricky to fold and just as expensive, people just love their Bugaboos!

    Read the full review of the Bugaboo Donkey here

    You can buy the Bugaboo Donkey on the Bugaboo website, or from John Lewis.

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Last updated on 9 December 2016