10 of the best lightweight double buggies

The top performing twin and tandem pushchairs that weigh less than 12.5kg

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  • Double the load, not the buggy's weight!

    A twin or tandem buggy is always going to be heavier than a single lightweight pushchair, and once you’ve got twins or two siblings onboard, well, that’s double the load.

    However, just because you’re a parent of two shouldn’t mean you need super-human strength to get around with your family.

    So we’ve hunted down 10 of the lightest – and best performing - twin and tandem buggies on the market. All of them are under 12.5kg and many even weigh less than a standard pushchair. Click through to check them out…

  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double, 12kg

    The Baby Jogger City Mini Double buggy is designed to tackle multiple terrains and city roads. With big wheels and great suspension, the ride is comfy and bouncy for your babies or toddlers.

    Suitable from six months, the City Mini Double is easy to steer thanks to the lockable swivel front wheel that can twirl a full 360 degrees.

    Despite being from the copmany that 'invented the exercise stroller' this twin buggy is not made for jogging, but that doesn't stop it from feeling sturdy and durable.

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  • Joie Aire Twin, 11.8kg

    This side-by-side lightweight double buggy is a great budget buy, as it will only set you back around £100.  And depending on where you buy it, it can be even less.

    With a simple fold system, deep shopping bask and reclining seats, this is a great stroller from 6 months onward.  Our favourite feature on the buggy is the separate individually adjustable seat units, which means one child can lie flat when sleeping while the other is sitting as upright as they can. 

     Full review of the Joie Aire Twin coming soon, but for now, check out our 12 of the best double buggies for a toddler and baby.

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  • Maclaren Twin Triumph, 10.5kg

    The Maclaren Twin Triumph offers the one-handed umbrella-fold you’d expect from Maclaren. This folding mechanism lives up to the hype, with our MFM reviewer giving it full marks for ease of folding and unfolding.

    Compact, easy to manoeuvre and narrow enough to fit through most doorways, this double is spot on for urban families and shopping trips, all for the price of £250.

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  • Mamas & Papas Kato2 Twin, 12kg

    Weighing only 9.5kg, the Mamas & Papas Kato 2 is the lightest buggy on this list. Boasting an umbrella-fold mechanism, 5-point safety harness and an adjustable leg rest, the buggy is easy to use and secure and comfy for your little ones. 

    The seats can be fully reclined for newborns and with an unfolded width of 75cm, it’ll easily make it through most doorways.

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  • Cosatto Shuffle, 12.5kg

    The All Star stroller in Cosatto's ever-increasing fleet, the Shuffle is different to its other double buggies because it's its only tandem.  

    Taking the place of the much-loved You2 Twin side-by-side stroller, the Shuffle allows new babies to ride in the back seat with lies-flat and is suitable from birth, while big babies sit in the front seat which is suitable from six months. 

    For £300, you get a compact umbrella-fold pram, free cosy toes and rain cover and a whopping free four-year guarantee, so it's sure to go the distance. 

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  • Mothercare Xoob2 Double Stroller, 11.5kg

    The Mothercare Xoob2 Double Stroller, £180, is an umbrella-fold buggy that's easy to collapse and unfold. It's also easy to push and steer, and handles kerbs well.

    Suitable from birth, it is sturdy for a lightweight and has two decent-sized baskets under the seats, it comes with a free Mothercare Weathershield (which is a rain cover to you and me) and two cosy toes. 

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  • Bebecar One & Two Twin Pram, 11.7kg

    An updated version of the popular convertible Bebecar buggy, the One & Two Twin has now been made lighter, weighing just 11.7 in double mode.

    Suitable from birth in every respect, you can use it with carrycots, infant car seats for travel system compatibility and seat units. Quite unusually for a tandem buggy both babies are on the same level, and can even face each other, much like the ABC Zoom pushchair.

    However, at £960 it's a pretty expensive piece of kit. 

    We've got the reviewer of the older Bebecar One & Two pushchair, new review coming soon. 

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  • Red Kite Push Me Twini, 10kg

    Lighter than most single buggies, the Push Me Twini is a sturdy pushchair that comes with masses of pocks and storage space.  

    Not only is the basket very big, there are an extra four pockets at the back of the seat unit that can be used to stash bottles, toys, your purse or what ever.  But's what's really nifty about them is that they can be folded away when not in use and give way to extra large mesh panel at the beach of the seat.

    And as it's from Red Kite young you're getting a great value buggy as well - with a price tag of £250.

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  • Obaby Leto Twin, 11.8kg

    The Obaby Leto Twin (£249.99), is an ideal option for families with limited space. It should fit with no problems in most car boots and won’t hog all the space in the hallway.

    The one-handed umbrella-fold is easy to use and the carry handle helps you transport it. It manoeuvres well, is compact and light, yet feels durable and is suitable from birth.

    And if that wasn't enough, all of the added extras, like the cosy toes, head huggers, rain cover, shoulder pads and parent cup holders are included in the price. 

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  • Phil and Teds Dash Inline Double, 12.4kg

    For £559.85, you’ll get the 3-wheeler Dash single buggy, the doubles kit to create a tandem, a cocoon for young babies and a raincover. That front wheel can swivel 360 degrees and the air-filled tyres give a smooth ride. It’s got a longer lifespan than many buggies, as it can transport you child until they’re 5. Its width (62cm) means aisles and doorways are easily dealt with.

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    But before you spend a penny, make sure you read our buyer's guide to double buggies, find out whether a twin or tandem will work best for you and know what pushchair features to look for if you use public transport or need a holiday buggy.

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Last updated on 1 September 2016