10 of the best pregnancy pillows

It can be so difficult to sleep comfortably with a bump, but some pregnant women swear by their maternity or V-shaped pillow. Some can also be used post-baby too...

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  • The best support pillows for mums-to-be

    When it comes to the list of pregnancy and baby essentials to buy, the pregnancy sleep pillow divides opinion. 

    For some, the pregnancy shopping list is so long that a short-lived pillow may feel like a luxury, especially given that a normal, ‘everyday’ pillow is a fraction of the price.

    For others, a maternity pillow is a lifesaver when it comes to getting comfy at night and being able to sleep for a good few hours. Well worth every penny. 

    That's probably one of the reasons why many of these pillows are now multi-functional, serving as breastfeeding or nursing pillows and supports for your baby. 

    The hard fact is that 78% of women say they have difficulty sleeping during their pregnancy and the good news is that your sleeping position in bed can help. Research has shown that lying on your side with a pillow between your legs and under your bump can help to regulate breathing, ease heartburn and aid a good night's sleep.

    To help you decide if a pillow may be your salvation against sleepless nights, we have chosen the 10 best pregnancy pillows for you and your baby…

  • Dreamgenii pregnancy support pillow, £45.99

    Probably the most well-known brand on the market, the Dream Genii has won various awards including Practical Parenting’s Product of the Year award, three times in a row. 

    Easily recognised by its ‘7’-style shape, our reviewer says the pillow is designed to support your bump, back and hips. "It really does help you get more comfortable as you get bigger and start having trouble sleeping." Most of our mum reviewers agreed, with many saying that it helped reduced aches and pains.  

    On the down side, it's expensive, the cover is tricky to remove to wash and its large size makes it difficult to use as a support or breastfeeding pillow on a chair or sofa and is best used in bed.

    Read the full review of the Dreamgenii pregnancy support pillow

    You can buy the Dreamgenii on Amazon, John Lewis or Kiddicare

  • Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow (Big V), £44.99

    The Big V is designed to curl around you at night, supporting your bump. It’s also useful for breastfeeding and during the baby and toddler years, giving you full use for its high-end price. 

    Our MFM reviewer also said it was "invaluable" following the caesarean birth of her twins, as she found it gave her great support in bed, and getting in and out. The pillow is filled with tiny microbeads, which our MFM reviewer described as "soft and comfortable". 

    On the downside is the price tag and also that it's a bulky pillow, so you'll need somewhere to store it.

    Read our Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow full review

    You can buy the Theraline pillow on John Lewis or Amazon

  • Pregna-Pillo £24.99

    A compact and portable cushion, the Pregna-Pillo is designed to help with back pain and stop mothers from twisting forward when lying down. Unlike other pregnancy pillows, this one has been approved by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK.

    However, the Pregna-Pillo has a short lifespan as it can only be used from the third trimester. And due to its small size it only will only support your bump, not your whole body.

    Check out the full review of the Pregna-Pillo.

    You can buy the Pregna-Pillo on Amazon.

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  • WondaWedge inflatable support £14.99

    The WondaWedge is a support wedge that, while not specifically designed for pregnant or breastfeeding women, offers good back support and can be used indoors and out. The wedge, designed to be used as a back support, is inflatable and therefore easy to move and deflate for convenient storage. 

    At £14.99 it's good value for money, but is less versatile for pregnant women who may want an all-in-one method to support back, bump and hips.

    Read the full WondaWedge review here

    You can buy the WondaWedge on Amazon

  • By Carla My Essential pregnancy support pillow- £39.99

    A combination support system made up of a curved mum and baby pillow and a triangular wedge, the My Essential Support pack can be used in a variety of ways, from pregnancy to supporting a newborn when feeding.

    The fact that the parts are separate means that once you've had your baby, it's easy to use as a nursing pillow on a sofa or chair. The covers are removable and machine washable. 

    The full By Carla My Essential review is here

    Buy the By Carla My Essential Here

  • Summer Infant Body Support Pillow, £29.99

    A big pillow shaped like a ‘9’ and designed to provide full-body support as it envelops your body from your head, through your legs and around your back. 

    Much-loved by expectant and breast-feeding mothers alike, the Summer Infant Body Support pillow was shortlisted for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Award in 2013 and is reasonably priced.

    Buy the Summer Infant pillow on Amazon

  • Widgey Plus Pregnancy & Sleep Pillow - Silver Star, £49.99

    At first glance the Widgey Plus looks the same as a majority of pregnancy pillows on the market; semi-circular and thick.

    However, the pillow is different because it can be molded into different shapes. It flexes between a long shape (great for pregnancy sleeping), curved (great for breastfeeding) or near-circular shape (great for baby support), depending on your needs. 

    Again, one of the more expensive pillows on the market, but retailers such as Toys R Us, John Lewis or Amazon do price reductions, so search around for the best deal. 

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  • BabyStart Mum to be Pillow Pack, £16.09

    Cheaper than most maternity pillows available, the basic pack comes in two parts; a v-shaped support pillow and triangular block, which helps when sleeping on your side. 

    Offering good support to your key areas: back, neck, bump and hips the Babystart can be used to help you sleep in pregnancy, but is not designed to go further, so you may need a different support pillow when breast feeding

    Buy the BabyStart pillow on Amazon

  • Maguri Isi Mini Buddy, £29

    A multiple use pillow, which can be used as a pregnancy support pillow, feeding cushion and support pillow for when your baby is learning to sit up.

    The Isi Mini Buddy is an unusual shape for a pillow, sort of resembling a horse, but it's the shape that gives it its versatility and means that the manufacturers can recommend it can give five years of use. And at £29 the Buddy offers great value for money, so it is no wonder it was Highly Commended in this year's Junior Design Awards

    Buy the Isi Mini Buddy on Amazon

  • Thrupenny Bits nursing pillow, £55

    Thrupenny Bits (cockney rhyming slang for you-know-what) was launched in 2009 by mum-of-two Melissa Wyatt-Fosbury after she struggled with positioning her first-born son, and he struggled with latching-on while breastfeeding.

    With a clutch of awards including a Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award 2014 and endorsed by celebrity mums including Fearne Cotton and Edith Bowman, the pillow comes in two sizes, small and large, which you lay in your lap.

    There are two straps which you tie around your waist to secure the pillow, meaning, unlike other cushions on the market, there’s no gap between you and the pillow which the baby can slip into.

    Our MFM mum said: "it’s definitely the best pillow I’ve come across. It fits snugly and firmly to the body, offers great support and can also be used as a support pillow for the baby and a bag for mum."

    Check out the full review here.

    You can buy the Thurpenny Bits pillow from Not On The Highstreet or Amazon.



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