12 of the best double buggies for a toddler and baby

Choosing a double buggy to transport two siblings of different ages? Don’t buy anything until you check out our pick of tandem and twin buggies...

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  • From "mum" to "mum-of-two"…

    Transporting a toddler and baby in comfort isn’t an impossible task. While your toddler and baby both have different needs, there are buggies on the market designed to meet those.

    Having seats that recline independently is crucial. Newborns need to be able to lie flat, which obviously isn’t ideal for curious toddlers eager to watch the world pass by! And your baby and toddler will no doubt snooze off at different times, so the ability to recline or raise their seat without bothering their brother or sister is key to a whine-free outing.

    Some double buggies even give the choice of attaching different seating option, such as a carrycot or car seat suitable from birth. Others offer you the choice of having your toddler and baby facing different directions. One of the big decisions will be whether a twin or tandem style will be best for you. We have more straightforward advice on picking the perfect double pushchair in our buyer's guide.

    Whatever your preference – and your budget – there’s a double buggy out there to suit your lifestyle. We’ve hunted down 12 of the best, to save you some legwork… 

  • Graco Stadium Duo, £148.99

    Thought you couldn’t transport two children for less than £150? Well, let the Graco Stadium Duo set you straight. This tandem buggy is a good all-rounder. It’s not the most sparkly, gadget-riddled whizz-bang pushchair around, but it doesn’t need to be.

    The seats are padded, with the front seat offering two recline positions, while the rear seat features four, one of which is a lie-flat position for your newborn. It’s easy to fold, and you can even add a Graco car seat in the rear position to make a travel system if you wish.

    See how the Graco Stadium Duo scored in our review

    You can buy the Graco Stadium Duo from Argos or Precious Little One

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  • Mothercare Genie with second seat, £448

    With its muted ‘clay’ colouring and tweed blend fabric, the Genie may have the look of a luxury buggy, but this pushchair really has come from the Mothercare stable. 

    One of the latest in Mothercare’s new range of buggies (that includes the Roam travel system), the Genie aims to take you from newborn to toddler, then onto a second sibling.

    Touches like its ‘anti-microbial nanotechnology’, that is supposed to combat the bacteria that can cause odours, and the option to extend the size of the shopping basket add value to Genie, which has 10 different modes for transporting your little one/s, including being travel system compatible.

    The single version of the Mothercare Genie retails for £349 and includes a reversible seat unit that can be converted to a lie flat pram for newborns.

    As your family grows, add the Genie second seat (sold separately for £99) to create a tandem.

    Read more about the Mothercare Genie here.

    Buy the Mothercare Genie direct from Mothercare.

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  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double, £449.99

    This double buggy may have your little ones sitting side-by-side, but at just 76cm wide, it’s still guaranteed to fit through most doorways.

    With SPF 50+ hood canopies each boasting two peekaboo windows, wheels that swivel or lock and have front suspension, and a compact fold, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double is a well-designed stroller for a competitive price.

    The seats lie almost flat, but if you want a fully lie-flat carrycot for your newborn, Baby Jogger sells the compatible Compact Carrycot for £124.99.   

    Our MFM reviewer loved the fact that the City Mini Double is super-lightweight at 11.8kg, but did point out that it’s not travel system compatible.

    Read what else our reviewer thought of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double here.

    Buy the Baby Jogger City Mini Double from Kiddicare, John Lewis, and Precious Little One.

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  • Phil & Teds Navigator, £598

    Boasting more seating positions than you can shake a stick at, the Phil & Teds Navigator lets you transport your children in 26 different ways.

    This seven time award-winng buggy can be used from birth to 5 years, and converts from a single (£449) to double buggy and back again by adding (or taking off) the doubles kit (£149).  It’s easy to push and steer, and weighing in at 14.5kg, it’s lighter than many others on the market.

    Find out why the Phil & Teds Navigator won seven awards

    Buy the Phil & Teds Navigator direct from the brand.

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  • Mountain Buggy Duet, £663.95

    Replacing the much-loved Mountain Buggy Duo, the Duet is an interchangeable double buggy, suitable from birth to 4 years, which offers a smooth ride both on and off-road.  The seats of the Duet can be adjusted independently of each other, are car seat and carrycot compatible and you can even replace one of the seats with a clip-on storage bag, if you are out with one child shopping.

    Despite being a twin (side by side) buggy, it’s still cleverly compact at only 63 cm wide, which makes it the smallest side-by-side newborn twin travel system on the market.

    This review will tell you why the Duet has replaced the Duo

    Buy the Mountain Buggy Duet from John Lewis or PreciousLittleOne

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  • BabyStyle Oyster Max Double, £687

    Following on from the success of the much-loved Oyster 2 travel system, BabyStyle has now come up with a tandem pushchair - the Oyster Max Double. 

    The six time-award winning buggy has over 25 seat unit combinations, is compact fold and can be used with an attachable buggy board. 

    Why does the Oyster Max Double have six awards? Find out here!

    Click here to buy the BabyStyle Oyster on Amazon, or find it at Kiddies Kingdom.

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  • Obaby ABC Design Zoom, £700

    This unusual buggy from a German nursery supplier has one standout feature, according to our reviewer: your two children can face (and entertain) each other, thanks to a j-shaped chassis and seats that can look forward or backwards.

    Although the Obaby ABC Design Zoom is sold with two seat units from six months (£560), it's entirely possible to use this buggy from newborn by adding a carrycot (£140) or even two. It's big, and probably best for the city, but our reviewer was impressed with this award-winning tandem.

    Read the full Obaby ABC Design Zoom review here

    You can buy the Obaby ABC Design Zoom from PreciousLittleOne or Mothercare

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  • Jané Twone, £898

    The newest lightweight pushchair in Jané’s collection, the Twone (two-in-one) is specifically 'designed for families planning on having two children, expecting twins or a second baby' and starts at £649 for the basic duo.

    Both the rear and the front seat units have three different recline positions, including a lie-flat option and are suitable from birth. It gives a smooth ride, and is made even comfier by the shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres and rear-wheel spring suspension.

    Add in the Jané Matrix carrycot for £249 (which doubles as a lie-flat Group 0 car seat) and the price does shoot up, although our reviewer said it "really does deliver on flexibility".

    Read the full Jané Twone review

    Buy the Jané Twone from Mothercare

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  • Joolz Geo, £999

    A sturdy frame, smart design, and comfortable ride all feature on Joolz' first tandem, which launched in February 2015 at the upper end of the market. The Joolz Geo mono configuration (chassis, cot, seat and shopping basket) costs £799.  The duo (chassis, upper seat, lower cot and seat and shopping basket) costs £999.  Meanwhile, the twin (chassis, upper seat and cot, lower cot and seat and shopping basket) costs £1,099.

    Read the full Joolz Geo review here

    You can buy the Joolz Geo on the Joolz website

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  • UPPAbaby Vista, £1,069.98

    The UPPAbaby Vista 2015 (£849.99 as single with carrycot) is the reboot of the previous 2010 model from the hugely popular buggy maker, which has become iconic both here and in the US in a very short space of time – and building up a vast celebrity following in the process.

    As well as being able to carry a baby and toddler like the older Vista, (with the addition of the Rumble Seat, £219.99) this new model can now carry two infant carrycots – making it a double buggy.

    And unlike the original buggy, the 2015 version comes fully equipped with sun shield, rain covers, insect nets and car seat adaptors included in the price and the single Vista comes with a carrycot and seat unit.

    Check out the complete Vista review here. 

    You can buy the UPPAbaby Vista from John Lewis or Kiddicare

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  • iCandy Peach 3 Blossom, £1140

    A third generation buggy in the dynasty that has become the iCandy Peach 3, the twin pushchair is just one of the options for the buggy.  You can purchase the Peach 3 as a single stroller, and convert it into either the Peach 3 Blossom or Peach 3 Blossom Twin.

    The £1140 price tag includes two seat units and one main carrycot, which is approved for overnight sleeping and suitable from newborn, although there are numerous configurations to mix and match, and you can buy a second carrycot for £172.50. The Peach boasts that it has the footprint of a single buggy despite being able to carry two, and it certainly handles wonderfully.

    Read the full Peach 3 review here

    You can buy the iCandy Peach 3 Blossom from iCandy or John Lewis

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  • Bugaboo Donkey, £1265

    Years ago Bugaboo created the first expandable chassis with the Donkey, which made it different to most double buggies on the market that usually extended inline (tandem style).

    Despite a price tag of £1,265 for the duo (that includes everything you need to use it with either a seat and carrycot or two seats), or  £1,400 for the twin version (two carrycots/seats), the Donkey continues to remain one of the most sought after pushchairs on the market. It carries double seats, car seats and carrycots and while it is still a bit tricky to fold and just as expensive, people just love their Bugaboos!

    Read the full review of the Bugaboo Donkey here

    You can buy the Bugaboo Donkey from the Bugaboo website or Mothercare

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Last updated on 20 October 2016