7 of the best jogging buggies

Get out for a run with your baby or toddler with our pick of the top jogging pushchairs

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  • Jogging Buggies, what are they?

    Joggers are, quite simply, pushchairs that you can run with. Most everyday strollers aren't suited to running  because they have don't adequate suspension, or robust enough tyres to roll over rough terrain at speed.

    Jogging buggies typically have three wheels - two larger 14in or 16in wheels at the back and one smaller wheel at the front. The front wheel is usually fixed so that it only goes in one direction - this is to make it easier to push the buggy at speed.  Also look out for a five point harness, a hand operated break and a wrist loop. And a good rain cover is essential if you're going to brave the elements.

    Where a jogging buggy differs from a standard 3-wheeler or all-terrain buggy is that you have to wait until your baby is at least six-months-old before using one.  That's because little ones need to able to hold their heads up and bouncing around in a jogging buggy can be damaging to a very young baby's neck.

    Here are MFM's top picks...

  • Thule Urban Glide, £425

    A sought after jogging buggy made by Swedish manufacturer Thule - of car roof box and bike seat fame.  The Urban Glide is a serious bit of kit for running, yet it's compact and lightweight enough to be your everyday buggy as well.

    The Glide has a fixed wheel like all true jogging buggies, but unusually, it also has a lockable, swivel front wheel, which has tracking adjustment to keep you running in a straight line.

    The ergonomic handlebar has a range of heights - find the perfect one for you so that you’re comfy while you’re running - and the rear suspension makes the ride smooth.

    A near lie-flat seat for ‘on-the-go’ sleeping is a handy feature and the one-hand fold is rated by mums.

    Here's the review of the Thule Urban Glide.

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  • Bugaboo Runner Complete £583

    Running mums are waiting with trainers at the ready for the release of the Bugaboo Runner - the first jogging buggy by the ever fashionable buggy brand.

    Due for release this summer, the Bugaboo Runner is a innovative and money-saving bit of kit (if you're a Bugaboo owner already) because rather than creating a whole new buggy, the Runner is simply a buggy frame (with 16″ rear wheels and fixed 14” front wheel) that can be paired with your existing Bugaboo seat unit.

    Suitable to use from 9 months, the Runner has an innovative, speed-control brake - squeeze with either hand, anywhere on the handlebar, to engage the brake and control your speed. 

    Read the inside info on the Bugaboo Runner

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  • Bob Ironman Duallie

    With the Bob Ironman Dualle you can go running with two kids, double the fun, right? 

    It comes complete with a fixed front wheel, lightweight frame, a two-step fold process and (probably most importantly with two fussy children) two independent multi-position canopies.

    The Bob Ironman Dualle buggy is also the official stroller of the IRONMAN Triathlon, so you've got no reason not to do at least the 26 mile marathon - #side eye. 

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  • Moutain Buggy Terrain, £499

    New Zealand based Mountain Buggy has long been a good bet for parents with an active lifestyle. The Terrain is a three wheeler that's set up for jogging and off-road strolling.

    Featuring a 12-inch front wheel and two 16-inch rear wheels, the air-filled yres have excellent grip. Shock absorbing suspension dampens the impact of bumps and mums report that the buggy is a doddle to handle.

    The hand-operated active brake - a feature of many high-end jogging buggies - is a good safety feature and the 3-mode front wheel can be locked forward or back or be on a full swivel mode. That front wheel also has adjustable tracking for precision steering and stability when it’s locked forward. All in all a robust buggy that can handle anything you throw at it...

    Read the full review of the Mountain Buggy Terrain

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  • Bob Revolution Pro, £455

    A jogging buggy with some nifty features that will make running with your little one a little bit easier, the Bob Revolution Pro features a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, a swivel front wheel which locks forward when the terrain gets bumpy or steep and a hand operated brake to control your speed downhill.

    High-tech polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tyres take on tough terrain. Travel system compatible with a Bob car seat the Revolution Pro won't look out of place in town and thanks to the large shopping basket and numerous pockets a trip to the supermarket certainly isn't out of the question.


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  • Out N About Nipper Sport V4, £299.99

    The fourth generation of the Nipper Sport is every bit as good as the three versions that go before it. With large, 16-inch rear wheels and a fixed 16-inch front wheel, pneumatic tyres and excellent suspension it makes light work of most terrain.

    Unlike many jogging buggies this one can be used from birth (although our reviewer doesn't recommend it) and the seat has a range of recline positions including almost lie-flat.

    Billed as the lightest sport buggy on the market the Nipper Sport weighs just 9.8kg, which is less than many regular buggies. Travel system compatible the fixed front wheel makes it a little tricky to take to the shops but because it folds (with two hands) storage isn't a problem.

    Read our full Nipper Sport review

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  • Baby Jogger Summit X3, £429.99

    The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is the perfect do-it-all buggy for active families who like to jog but don't have the space for a larger, dedicated running buggy. Travel system compatible and with one-hand fold, the Summit X3 behaves just like a normal buggy until you take it off road or start running.

    The compact design means that it is smaller than other jogging buggies but with 14-inch rear wheels, a lockable swivel front wheel, rear dampening brake and superior, all-wheel suspension performance hasn't been compromised.

    Suitable for use from birth (with separate carrycot attached) and 9 months if you're jogging with the seat unit attached, this is a hybrid buggy with a long shelf life.



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