10 of the best sunglasses for babies

Designer and high street brands, styles for girls, boys and unisex - we pick the finest shades to protect your baby's eyes

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  • Do babies need to wear sunglasses?

    Yes. Many people think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory, but they're actually a crucial part of sun protection for your baby, with ophthalmologists recommending that all children under the age of 10 should wear sunglasses in strong sunshine, even babies.

    Any old sunnies won't do, though. Sunglasses for babies (and all children) should provide virtually 100% UVA protection and conform to European safety standards, EN 1836:2005. Look out for those marked as UV400; this means they block a minimum of 99.9% UVB and 99% UVA.

    Another important factor is to make sure your baby’s sunglasses cover a good proportion of the eye area. That said, it is also important to invest in a pair that your baby is comfortable in, otherwise he won’t wear them. And if he's prone to taking hats off the minute they're popped on, then look for a pair with a headband. Cooler than they sound!

    We present our favourite UV400 children's sunnies...

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  • Beaba 1st Age sunglasses, £12.95

    These Beaba 1st Age sunglasses will grow with your baby, as they are suitable from birth to toddlerhood thanks to the adjustable strap.

    The lenses are category 4 - meaning they are the darkest glasses available on the market - and offer 100% UV protection with the shaped sides.  

    The lense glass is unbreakable and all Beaba shades come with a 1-year guarantee for frames and lens.

    Beaba strap sunglasses

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  • Baby BanZ, £11.55

    Australian brand Banz designs its glasses "to tackle one of the world's toughest UV environments," and we all know it gets pretty hot down under. 

    Complete with category 3 lenses (the second darkest glasses you can get) they are made of polycarbonate Ophthalmic material and have an elastic strap to ensure your baby can’t remove them.  

    The Adventure BanZ can be worn from birth to 2-years-old and also come with a silicone 'Nose and Brow Piece' embedded into the glasses for added comfort.

    Retro Banz baby available from Amazon

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  • My First Julbo’s £15.31

    Suitable from 0 - 18 months, these sunglasses can be turned any way you fancy, thanks to their hingeless and reversible frames and come in an array of eye-catching colour combos.

    My First Julbo’s are available from Amazon

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  • Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Sunglasses, £9

    Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Sunglasses offer a maximum UV 400, UVA and UVB protection for your child's eyes.  That means they block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, which means that your eyes should be shielded from even the tiniest UV rays.

    Suitable from six months to 5 years you'll have to buy the adjustable neoprene straps separately for a secure and comfortable fit.

    These baby sunglasses are available from Jojo Maman Bebe

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  • Foster Grant Green Monster Sunglasses, £7

    These funky sunglasses may not look as serious as other baby sun shades, but don't let the fun monster motif fool you, they are just as protective.

    In fact they provide total sun protection in the form of UV 400, UVA and UVB which means they should stop light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers and block even the tiniest UV rays.

    Green Monster sunglasses are available from Foster Grant.

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  • Goggle Tiger Sunglasses, £7

    Perfect for summer, these cute as a button sunnies have100% UVA/UVB protection and an adjustable strap to make sure they stay on, and can even be popped in the washing machine to keep them looking clean.

    Baby spotty sunglasses are available from Foster Grant

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  • Original Babiators Sunglasses, £19.99

    These super-cool baby sunglasses are safe, durable and are based on the classic Aviator style. Available in black, white, silver, navy, lime and black with pink arms, there's a colour for everyone.

    Not only do they look great, they're made from flexible rubber so they can be twisted, bent and sat upon and still keep their shape.

    Original Babiators are available from Babiators 

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  • Lytot sunglasses with pacifier, £35.50

    You’ll either love these Lytot sunglasses or hate them. If you’re not a fan of dummies it’s likely to be the latter as the sunglasses are connected to a dummy, so babies can suck on a pacifier and wear sunglasses at the same time. 

    It eliminates the need for any arms (aka temples) or adjustable strap on the glasses, so your little one should be comfortable.  And as your little one will be busy sucking the dummy they shouldn’t want to take off the sunglasses – so says Lytot.

    Safety-wise the lenses are blue blockers, meaning they stop 90% of blue light and 90% of UV rays, are Bisphenol A free and they are also comply to the EN71-x standard.

    Suitable from birth to 36 month the Lytot sunglasses with pacifier is available from Lytot 

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  • Minnie mouse sunglasses, £6

    These cute little shades offer a perfect vintage look for your little one.

    As they have no band round the back of the head to keep them on they're probably more suited to slightly older babies / toddlers - though online reviews suggest they come up small and fit well even on quite little heads. They look fab, too.

    Available from Very.co.uk

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  • Uveez, £15

    These baby sunglasses are great for babies at just a few months old. They have a flexible fit, and the nice extra wide band at the back means they'll stay on securely.

    They're designed to protect little eyes from UVA and UVB rays, too.

    Available from Kidly