Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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In a nutshell

Highly entertaining play gym for babies 6-12 months, which keeps them safely amused with rainforest animals, lights, music and bouncing. Downsides include the price and the size.

  • Pros

    Excellent baby entertainment, peace of mind — safe jumping fun for baby, movement activated

  • Cons

    Bulky, not very stylish, expensive

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Our review

Expensive and gaudy for you, but guaranteed heaven for your baby, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo offers safe baby bouncing and flashing entertainment, complete with optional elephant noises and/or music.

Jumperoo is made by Fisher-Price - toy makers since 1930 - and as such one of the most recognised brands in the world. A quick check on Amazon ( also shows that 83% of people who view the Jumperoo on Amazon ultimately buy it – this is obviously a popular product. The Jumperoo consists of a seat of brightly-coloured, washable underpants, with 360 degrees of entertainment. Babies love turning round to boing, tweak, hammer and spin the rainforest animal toys surrounding them (the spinning lizard is a firm favourite with my son). In addition there are animals hanging down from above, just out of reach – fascinating and frustrating in equal measure.

What we love

After resisting buying a playgym for months, Jack (8 months) ended up with the Jumperoo one frustrated day when I needed to get something else done, and Jack seemed bored with his usual toys. The absolute best thing about the Jumperoo is that it's also a bouncer – once my son starts he doesn't want to stop and the look of joy as he laughs and bounces is pure gold. Once Jack’s in the seat he's secure without any danger of bouncing out. There are also motion-activated flashing lights and music with intermittent elephant noises which can be turned down or even off.

My baby's face when it's Jumperoo time is priceless. He laughs and throws his arms about in glee. In addition, unlike door-mounted bouncers, there is no danger of him banging his head as the unit is very secure. For mums and dads it offers time when you can leave your baby playing safely – great when he or she has just started to crawl.

What to watch out for

There's no way the Jumperoo is going to look good in your lounge. It's also large and because it's round doesn't sit neatly against a wall. It can also be a bit of a struggle to get baby in to the seat and is a little more expensive than other playgyms.

Who is the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo best for?

Best for babies who are just learning to crawl but can't yet walk, whose parents need half an hour to get on with something else while baby plays safely.

MadeForMums verdict

Highly entertaining playgym for babies between approximately six and twelve months, which keeps them safely amused with rainforest animals, lights, music and bouncing. Be warned though, this isn’t a toy for style conscious parents or those on a budget!