10 of the best family films to watch this Christmas

Settle in for a feel-good family movie this Christmas 2012 with our top TV picks...

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  • December 24th - Christmas Eve

    The Snowman and The Snowdog (8pm, C4)

    Inspired by Raymond Brigg's well-known story this is an adorable sequel that'll be cherished for years to come. If you have toddlers they will love it!

  • December 24th - Christmas Eve

    Lady and the Tramp (5.05pm, BBC1, U)

    What family can resist the adorable romance between one tear-away pup and a prim and proper lady? You'll be singing the songs for the rest of the festive season.

  • December 24th - Christmas Eve

    The Muppets (7pm, Sky Premiere, U)

    Fun, bright and sassy - a real festive treat. Just watch your kids' eyes light up at the memorable characters and silly songs.

  • December 25th - Christmas Day

    Shrek Forever After (3.10pm, BBC1, U)

    Christmas just wouldn't be complete without some Ogre charm and this final installment is a winner. Gather the kids round for some ogre-tastic laughs.

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  • December 25th - Christmas Day

    Tangled (3.10pm, ITV1, PG)

    One of the newest Disney films, brought to life by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, Tangled is a modern take on the traditional Rapunzel story. A cute chameleon sidekick, a cheeky horse and some fast action scenes make this perfect for little girls and boys alike.

  • December 25th - Christmas Day

    Home Alone 3 (4.50pm, Film4, PG)

    There are some thieves about and it's up to young Alex Pruitt to save the day. Laugh-out-loud fun that'll keep the whole family chuckling on Xmas day.

  • December 28th

    Ratatouille (7.20pm, BBC3, U)

    Set in Paris, Ratatouille is a cheeky insight into the world of a rather charming rat. Hilarious and heart-warming, a real Christmas must.

  • 30th December

    The Incredibles (9pm, BBC3, U)

    Family power personified, The Incredibles is a baddie-busting feast of a movie, that'll have everyone choosing which super power they wish they had.

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  • 31st December - New Year's Eve

    Bedtime Stories (1.40pm, BBC1, PG)

    Adam Sandler truly brings bedtime stories to life in this quirky flick. It's magic galore, so kids will be enthralled.

  • 1st January - New Year's Day

    Up (6.30pm, BBC1, U)

    You'll laugh, cry, be amazed and no doubt set about trying to fulfill some of your lifelong dreams. A real triumph, with 78-year-old Carl the kind of character you'll easily take into your heart.