6 simple ways to be a social mum

Feeling a little rusty when it comes to making new friends? Here's how to make it easier...

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  • Smile

    If you smile it will instantly lift your mood and make others feel at ease, too. It's true that the world does smile with you and at you!

  • Relax and be yourself

    One of the most common issues that mums tend to worry about is what others are thinking of them, but what difference does is really make?

  • Be positive

    Try to use positive body language - making direct eye contact, standing tall, walking tall, keeping shoulders upright, being relaxed and smiling.

  • Get to know the person you're talking to

    Ask open questions, such as, "Could you recommend any other places to go with children?"

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  • Follow up

    If you like somebody, why don't you suggest catching up another time - with or without your little ones in tow?

  • Stay in contact

    Your time is precious and there's so much to do, but sending a quick text to check how someone else is doing is a good way to encourage a new friendship.