Best parenting hashtags of 2014

Hashtags speak a thousand words, especially when you're a parent...

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  • #Blingingupbaby

    Does your baby have a Rolex? And just how many prams is too many prams? Some people just love to give their little ones everything, absolutely. everything How about this for a must-have baby list...

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  • #Raisingagenius

    Some people just can't help shouting about their 'gifted' children. Reading at 2? Seriously...

  • #sendwipes

    Why do babies prefer to roll in the cake rather than eat it? And why is painting yourself more appealing than painting the paper? Only a child will know...

  • #It'stooquiet

    Silence is golden, until it dawns on you that your little darling is most probably treating your walls to a make over with permanent pen...

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  • #parentfail

    You accidentally elbow your child in the face, you forget it's mufti day, you feed them pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner…we all get it wrong sometimes.

  • #motherofallmeltdowns

    Your toddler is lying on the floor in the supermarket screaming like a banshee because you said 'no' to buying the Peppa Pig yoghurts. What do you do? Take to Twitter of course...


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