What was your favourite bedtime story?

MFM's Staff Writer, Kyrsty, gives us the lowdown on the best reads from her childhood

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  • Dilly The Dinosaur, by Tony Bradman

    Like a dino version of Horrid Henry, Dilly was always causing mayhem and I loved his ear-splitting super-scream tantrums (reminded me of my brother when he was a child!) I was thrilled when it was made into a BBC TV series and I even rang the author once and probably became his youngest (and only) book stalker! 

  • The BFG, by Roald Dahl

    I remember reading this book whilst in bed, secretly hoping that the Big Friendly Giant would come and befriend me as his 'human bean' when he was dream catching! I got totally lost in all the fantastical giant characters like the Fleshlumpeater and Gizzardgulper (if a little scared...) and was incredibly jealous when Sophie got to meet the Queen.

  • The Tales Of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

    I had the hardback version of Peter Rabbit and I remember absorbing each page, loving the illustrations. Beautiful visuals aside, I enjoyed the story of Peter the rabbit and would build up images in my head of the garden and how I wished our weed ridden garden was as magical as Mr McGregor's, with suited bunnies and talking sparrows wandering around! 

  • Mr Men series, by Roger Hargreaves

    A definite on all my birthday and Christmas lists, I remember collecting the Mr Men books and laughing out loud when reading them. I loved the different characters and being a very visual person, I liked that all the characters had their own identity and weird/ funny traits. 

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  • The Story Of Tracy Beaker, by Jacqeline Wilson

    I loved Tracy Beaker's mad approach to life and her wacky dreams and thoughts. I always thought she had such a fun and varied life which made me want to read on and find out what she's getting up to! The animations were equally as nuts, which I was drawn to.