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Sneakers with Michelin Sole Boy

Get a step ahead with Primigi’s winter shoes for kids

Snug, safe and snappy, Primigi’s new children’s shoes have Michelin soles for extra grip and flexibility

As winter approaches, you’ll want to your child to have durable, warm, high grip shoes – but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be good to look at. Primigi’s new collection combines practicality with style, for affordable footwear your child will love as much as you do.

From the high-top shoes which protects against the rain, to the lighter, more breathable shoes which are ideal if you’re going on longer journeys, there’s something for everyone in this range.

This collection is particularly noteworthy because some of the shoes feature soles made in collaboration with Michelin, for maximum grip in slippery weather. And, thanks to Velcro closures, elastic laces and side zip fasteners, all the shoes are really easy to put on too.

So, for footwear that offers maximum comfort – without compromising on fun – take a look at the Primigi Winter Collection today.

Read on to learn more about Primigi’s lovely new shoes, plus how to measure your child’s feet properly!

How to tell if your child’s shoes fit properly

If you’re not sure if a new pair of shoes fit your child properly – or if their old ones are getting too tight – just run through these top check points to be sure...

1  Make sure your child’s heel is sitting against the back part of the shoe.

2  Check that your child is able to relax the sole of their foot as much as possible.

3  Press down lightly at the big toe: there should be about a 1cm gap between your child’s toe and the end of the shoe.

4  If your child is very young, open the shoe up as much as possible and push their foot forward as far as you can. If you can insert a finger into the space that remains between your child’s heel and the inner back part of the shoe, it’s the right size.

Primigi 'STEP BY STEP' guide

Follow the handy Primigi ‘STEP BY STEP’ Guide


Lightness, flexibility and a proper fit are woven into the Primigi blueprint, which guarantees quality and innovation in every pair of its shoes. That’s why many of the shoes are insulated with GORE-TEX material, which protects feet from the rain whilst allowing for maximum breathability and temperature regulation. They’re designed to be protective too, thanks to the removable, hygienic leather insoles and anti-shock system that shields ankles from impact. What’s more, all the metal parts are nickel-free and the lining contains no Chrome.

Of course, winter can bring with it slippery conditions. And that’s where Michelin makes a difference. The traction experts create car tyres that have a strong hold even when it’s exceptionally icy, so you can trust that the Primigi shoes made with a Michelin sole will provide complete stable footing in even the worst weather.

Just take the ankle boots from the new collection. They offer extreme grip, breathability and softness to ensure comfort, all while looking stylish. Michelin soles are a must for children who love to play, whatever the weather.

Sneakers with Michelin Sole Boy

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