10 of the best baby purees

Get weaning off to a flying start with our pick of the tastiest purees to tempt your tot


Carrot puree

Purees made with a single vegetable are ideal for first weaning. Carrot puree tends to be a popular choice, thanks to its sweet taste and smooth texture.


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Apple puree

After introducing vegetable purees to your baby, you can introduce single fruit purees too. Apple is appealing on its own but also combines well with other fruit and veg such as pear or parsnip, and later on, meats including chicken and pork.

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Sweet potato puree

Perenially popular with babies of weaning age and beyond, sweet potato makes a smooth, creamy puree, and is very versatile – as your baby grows, try it baked in its skin with grated cheese on top, cut into wedges and roasted, or as a topping for shepherd’s pie.

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Courgette and cauliflower puree

Green veg are a great source of vitamins, but their bitter taste can be hard for babies to handle. Combining greens like courgette with a sweeter vegetable like cauliflower makes them more palatable for tiny tastebuds.

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Apple, pear and apricot puree

Full of vitamins and iron, this puree is tasty on its own, or mixed with natural yoghurt or breakfast cereal. For a quick, no-cook puree, try making it with tinned fruit (in juice) rather than fresh.

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Pea and parsnip puree

To fill your baby up, choose ingredients that pack a nutritional punch. This puree combines protein-rich peas with the carbohydrate of parsnip for growth and energy.

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Blueberry, apple and peach puree

As your baby progresses with weaning, start adding more ingredients to his purees to broaden his palate. This three-fruit puree, including superfood blueberries, is packed with vitamins.

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Butternut squash and apricot puree

Think outside the box when preparing baby purees. Combinations that may sound odd to us – like butternut squash and apricot – are surprisingly appealing to tiny tots, and introducing a new flavour alongside an old favourite is a great way to broaden his tastebuds.

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Fruit salad

If you’re feeding a family, look for recipes where you can reserve a small portion to puree for your baby. A classic fruit salad makes the perfect pud for grown-ups and older children, and blends into a tasty dessert for your weaning baby.

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Sweet potato and lentil puree

Once your baby is used to simple purees, start to vary them with other ingredients. Lentils are a great source of protein and carbs for growth and energy, and cook down to a lovely soft texture that appeals to young babies.


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