16 chicken recipes for babies

There are so many different dishes you can cook with chicken. Check out these colourful recipes for your baby from weaning to 12 months


When the time comes to introduce meat to your baby, soon after beginning weaning, chicken tends to be most mums’ first choice. Versatile, easy to cook and mild in flavour, it’s ideal for newly weaned babies. Chicken is a good source of protein for your baby, boosting his growth and development. It also combines well with virtually any ingredient you can think of, from vegetables to pasta, rice and even fruit.


Some babies struggle with the texture of meat at first, especially if they don’t have any teeth yet, so make sure you cook chicken until it’s tender. You’ll probably also want to puree it initially. Be mindful, too, that chicken can carry bacteria that can lead to nasty stomach upsets. Always ensure that it’s cooked thoroughly, and reheated until piping hot and left to cool before serving it to your baby, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken.

Recipes for first weaning

Chicken with sweet potato, swede and carrots – baked chicken with lots of delicious veggies.

Chicken and courgette – a nutritious meal for baby in under 20 minutes.

Chicken casserole – traditional dish suitable for first weaning.

Recipes for your 7-9 month old

Chicken and lentil stew – try experimenting with different types of lentils to vary the texture of this dish.

Chicken and apple – simple recipe that you can vary by using chopped pear instead of apple.

Sweet and sour chicken – a great Chinese dish that all the family can share.

Cherrysquash chicken – grilled chicken and cubed butternut squash form the base of this tasty dish.

Chicken and mango mash with veggies – a tropical-inspired mash to tempt baby’s tastebuds.

Chicken and couscous hotpot – use chicken breast meat instead of mince as your baby matures. 

Chicken and root vegetable mash – a great way of letting your baby join in with a family roast dinner.

Recipes for your 9-12 month old

Chicken stir fry – rice, chicken and a whole lot of veg.

Homemade chicken nuggets – these tasty nuggets can be given whole as finger food or chopped up for younger babies.

Chicken and cheese enchiladas – this Mexican treat is a great recipe for all the family.

Homemade chicken dippers and tomato sauce – get your baby dipping with this breaded chicken.

Chunky vegetable chicken – packs in 4 different veggies and can be mashed for younger babies.

Rainbow pepper chicken – serve with pasta, noodles or rice.

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