45 easy-cook winter recipes for babies

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Quick and healthy meals including casseroles, pies, bakes, curries, soups, porridge, puddings and purees

winter baby recipes

As the shorter and colder days approach, even the youngest family members will enjoy these delicious winter recipes.

We’ve selected some great recipes that weaning babies can eat from 7 months+

Here is the list of 46 easy to cook winter recipes for babies:

Baby pies and bakes

1. Mini moussaka


Aubergine, tomatoes and cheese all go into this baby lamb moussaka. Suitable from 8 months.

2. Mini fish pies with cheesy potato topping (above)


Cute and tasty fish pies that you can batch bake and pop in the freezer. Suitable from 9 months.

3. Creamy beef pasta bake


A lovely winter bake – rich, creamy and herby. Suitable from 9 months.

4. Mini jacket potatoes with ratatouille


A tasty filling for jacket potatoes that the whole family can enjoy. Suitable from 9 months.

5. Meat-free spaghetti bolognese


A vegetarian version of the classic with soya mince as a healthy alternative. Suitable for babies from 9 months.

6. Traditional lasagne


A version of the family favourite for your baby. Suitable from 9 months.

7. Aubergine and tomato bake


This wintry vegetable bake includes a little mozzarella for flavour. Suitable from 10 months.

8. Shepherd’s pie


Try adding peas or using alternative meats to make this Shepherd’s Pie your own. Suitable from 10 months.

9. Tuna pasta bake


An easy to bake option you can serve with salad. Suitable from 11 months.

10. Vegetarian lasagne with green lentils


A protein-packed vegetarian alternative to make this recipe extra healthy. Suitable from 11 months.

11. Minced lamb bake


This recipe uses slices of tomato to replace pasta sheets in this baked lamb dish. Suitable from 11 months.

Baby casseroles & hotpots and stews

12. Lamb Rice Casserole


Family-friendly lamb casserole for everyone to enjoy. Suitable from 8 months.

13. Lancashire Hotpot


Use beef or lamb in this baby version of the traditional dish. Suitable from 9 months.

14. Country vegetable casserole


This dish contains a huge range of veg to introduce to your baby. Suitable from 9 months.

15. Winter vegetable casserole


A great use of all the best winter vegetables. Suitable from 9 months.

16. Wholesome bean casserole


Use any type of bean in this warming winter dish. Suitable from 10 months.

Baby curries and chilli

17. Aubergine and red pepper curry


This veggie curry is a great nutritious option. Suitable from 7 months.

18. Chicken and raisin korma


These tasty flavours combined with coconut milk make it perfect for your baby. Suitable from 8 months.

19. Mild lamb curry recipe for baby


This tasty lamb curry includes dried fruits and coconut. Suitable for babies from 9 months.

20. Mild vegetable korma


A delicious vegetable-packed coconut curry. Suitable from 9 months.

21. Mild chicken curry


Your baby will begin to love curry with this creamy coconut recipe. Suitable from 11 months.

22. Baby’s first chilli


Served with rice or potato, this is a chilli dish for the whole family.

Stews and soups for babies

23. Mediterranean fish stew


Brain food for your baby accompanied by lots of veg. Suitable from 8 months.

24. Chicken and lentil stew


This tasty recipe is super nutritious and full of protein. Suitable for babies from 9 months.

25. Tender beef stew with dumplings


A baby stew perfect for winter nights. Suitable from 9 months.

26. Pasta, carrot and lentil soup


Lentils add protein to this simple and easy to make soup. Suitable from 9 months.

27. Minty lamb stew


Introduce your baby to this classic flavour combination. Suitable from 10 months.

28. Superhero soup


This vitamin heavy soup is made up of carrots and squash. Suitable from 10 months.

29. Slow-cooked beef stew


This delicious and warming stew creates the tenderest of beef. Suitable from 11 months.

Purees and mash for young babies

30. Courgette, pea and kale puree


This green vegetable puree is full of vitamins and nutrients. Suitable for first weaning.

31. Spinach and roasted carrot puree


Feed your baby this healthy roasted veg puree packed with vitamins. Suitable for a baby’s first solid food.

32. Chicken with sweet potato, swede and carrots


Root vegetables are matched with chicken in this tasty winter dish. Suitable for babies from 6 months.

33. Cheesy cod with sweet potato


Simple but tasty cheesy cod with sweet potato. Suitable for babies from 6 months.

34. Cheesy broccoli and cauliflower


This is a deliciously gooey and cheesy broccoli melt. Suitable from 7 months.

35. Chicken and root vegetable mash


A great way of letting your baby participate in a roast dinner. Suitable from 7 months.

36. Courgette and cauliflower puree


This is a lovely refreshing vegetable puree, that works with fresh or frozen ingredients.

Warming breakfast porridge

37. Apple and cinnamon porridge

An easy way to add a twist to a simple breakfast. Suitable from 7 months.

38. Pear and Cinnamon Porridge


A little fruity goodness to start the day. Suitable from 7 months.

39. Banana porridge


Raisins and cinnamon provide extra flavour to this nutritious breakfast. Suitable from 7 months.

40. Berry porridge


Some raspberries and blueberries add some sweetness and vitamins to this porridge. Suitable from 8 months.

Winter puddings for babies

41. Spiced apple puree


This Christmassy fruit pudding includes nutmeg and cinnamon which add seasonal spice. Suitable for first weaning.

42. Homemade banana custard


Bake your own banana custard with a little cinnamon for flavour. Suitable from 9 months.

43. Stewed rhubarb crumble


A classic dessert with cinnamon and almond in the crust. Suitable from 10 months.

44. Apple crumble


Traditional family-favourite made easy for your baby. Suitable from 10 months.

45. Baked apple with raisins and fromage frais


A really easy to bake apple dessert with raisins and cinnamon. Suitable from 10 months.