Best night-time products to help your baby sleep

When cuddles and lullabies aren't enough to get your baby to sleep at bedtime, try these cute nightlights, toys and musical treats


Pabobo Penguin Musical Lumilove, £40

These cute nightlights are low-energy LED and don’t heat up, so they’re perfect for little ones to cuddle and carry around. The cute penguins sit on “ice” bases, which also charge them up. As well as shedding a gentle light across the nursey, the penguins play soothing lullabies for when you’re finished singing. Available from Bibs & Stuff.


Tiddley Pom musical CDs

Tiddley Pom is best known for its baby spa products but as well as advocating baby massage and lovely smelling creams, it also has a few music CDs to help soothe your baby, too. We love the Baby Night Time, recorded on guitars and wind chimes. Just try staying awake yourself! Available from Tiddley Pom.


Rough Guide to World Lullabies, £8.99

For something a bit different, we love the Rough Guide to World Lullabies. If you’ve wandering feet or want to encourage an adventurous spirit, try this collection of lullabies from around the world. Available from World Music Network.


VTech Light-Up Lamb, £10.99

Not to introduce your baby to counting sheep too early, but we love this light-up lullaby lamb from VTech. Press the centre button for soothing music or interact with the little lamb’s tactile tootsies and captivating glow. Available from VTech.


PURE Twilight Lullaby Radio, £129.99

Perfect for the nursery, this lullaby radio combines easy digital tuning with a multi-coloured nightlight and built-in lullabies, including Twinkle Twinkle and Rockabye Baby. The radio also features ambient noise to help your baby sleep and can be set to stop automatically when she’s nodded off. Available from Amazon.


Rockabye Baby CDs, from £9.99

If rock and pop are more your thing, Rockabye Baby is perfect. With these lullaby CDs for bands from Black Sabbath to Radiohead, you can enjoy your favourite tunes, toned down for baby ears. Available from Amazon.

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