RD Breastfeeding products – mums pass on their top tips

Whether you’re thinking about breastfeeding tops or a breast pump, mums offer their advice on breastfeeding products


For breastfeeding gear on a budget

“To avoid buying lots different double-layered feeding tops when breastfeeding my two little ones, I saved lots of money buying cheap plain vests from high street shops. I always wore two, and pulled down the bottom one to keep my tummy covered, and pulled up the top one so I could breastfeed discreetly. Shopping on the high street, I found I could get lots of different colours so my outfit was never dull.”


Alex Howard, 34 , from Richmond , mum to William, 2 , and James , 6 months

For the best breastfeeding tops to wear

“I swear by nursing tops from a company called Boob. I found them really fuss-free when I was getting to grips with the practicalities of feeding, especially when out and about.

Angie Turner, 35, from Ongar, mum to Mia, 2, and Niamh, 3 months

Best bras for breastfeeding

“Instead of buying expensive new nursing bras I bought a multi-way bra. Whenever I feed my baby I just undo the clip. It works so well, and it only cost me £6.”

Kelly Collinson, 23, from South Wales, mum to Theo, 15 weeks.

For choosing a breast pump

“I went for a hand-operated breast pump as I didn’t think I would use it for very long so the cheap option seemed best. However, I wish I’d known in advance how much it would make my hand ache! I should have gone for an electric one – I eventually bought one from eBay, which was brand new, a lot cheaper and a dream to use.”

Caroline Humphrey, 37, from Leicestershire, mum to Jess, 3, and Holly, 1

For saving money while breastfeeding

“To avoid buying extra breastfeeding clothes when my shape is changing so much, I wear a vest top underneath my T-shirt or jumper. When ready to feed, I just pull up my T-shirt and pull down my vest top. This way you only show a little bit of boob and your tummy is still covered up when you’re feeding in public.”


Philippa Hemming, 36, from Salisbury, mum to Ethan, 21 months, and Libby, 3 months

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