Carbon Monoxide dangers – what you can do to protect your family

In light of recent events and the increased concern about the dangers of carbon monoxide, it’s reassuring to know there’s something you can do to help protect your family.


Carbon Monoxide detectors can be used to help you keep check of how much carbon monoxide is present in the air, and Carbon Monoxide alarms, which also show carbon monoxide levels, can alert you when carbon monoxide reaches unsafe levels.


There are various types of alarms on the market, so it’s worth having a look around at what best suits your needs and budget. FireAngel, a range of safety protection products, has a few on offer, which can be found at

The Digital Carbon Monoxide Poisonous Gas Alarm CO-828, £31.99, uses electrochemical technology, and has a digital display. It has three danger levels (low, high and crisis), is battery operated and conforms to British Standards. 


The Carbon Monoxide Poisonous Gas Detector Patch CO-1, £4.49, is available as a twin pack. The spot on the patch turns from brown to black when exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. It has an adhesive back that allows in to be attached to surfaces (such as a wall). However, it just detects levels, so it’s recommended that it be used in conjunction with a carbon monoxide alarm.

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