Get motivated with music

Use music to help you get fit and burn off the baby-weight.


Trying to get to fit to conceive? Want to stay healthy during your pregnancy? Or maybe you want to rid those stubborn post baby pounds? These all sound like easy tasks on paper but balancing home-life, work-life and an exercise regime can be hard work!


Give yourself a helping hand to stay focused by choosing your favourite music to train to. It may sound obvious but exercising to music can make a big difference; it catches our attention and stimulates the brain.

Dr Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University, a leading researcher on the effects of music on athletic performance says “We have all felt the uplifting effects of music and know it can be very powerful when it comes to our motivation.  Not only do certain beats heighten energy levels but positive lyrical affirmations conjure inspirational images inducing feelings of transcendence as a workout reaches its climax”.

Using music with exercise can:

Keep you focused – Listening to a workout soundtrack while exercising allows you to focus on something other than the exercise regime. You enjoy the music, forget about fatigue and complete your workout.

Help with motivation – Listening to music that you enjoy makes the workout more fun and will help you stick to a regular exercise regime.

Aid Performance – Energising, fast music boosts the pace of your workout whereas slower, mellow music helps you relax and assists in returning your heart-rate to a resting state.

Total Fitness Music, a website which specialises in music compilations for fitness activities including running, walking, gym work-outs, cycle/spinning and aerobics, has the below top 5 favourite beats to work out to:  

  1. Girls Aloud ‘Something Kinda Ooh’
  2. Robyn ‘With Every Heartbeat’
  3. Nikki Bliss ‘I Kissed A Girl’
  4. Sugababes ‘About You Now’
  5. Madison ‘Hot N Cold’

You can also download digital workout mixes from Total Fitness Music, which are designed especially for workouts. The compilations contain a tailored music workout which has been scientifically put together to enable users to reach their optimum workout intensity and heart rate, guided by the mix of chart hits and pumping club tracks from top dance label Ministry Of Sound. There is even a 10-minute chilled cool down mix.
Pump It Up Cardio Hits Workout and Maximum Bass Body Burn Workout are available from iTunes priced at £6.32.

For more information about Total fitness Music,visit


Do you find music helps you when you exercise? What are your favourite tunes to exercise to? Tell us here.

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