Guide to baby gym

All you need to know about baby gym classes


Age Suitability

Some classes are suitable for babies from 4 months (when they are able to bear weight on their legs and roll over), or 6 months onwards. As your baby grows and develops physical agility and skills they will advance through different programmes, which focus on their abilities.


What your child will do

Baby gym classes are based on encouraging your baby to learn to play, explore and crawl in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. They build on your baby’s developing physical abilities (crawling or walking). Colourful play equipment is provided and challenging circuits laid out for your babies to try out and conquer.

Your involvement is key for younger babies, as you’ll help them to explore their surroundings and equipment and encourage their movement. As your baby grows, you may be less involved physically in the class, though your presence will still be needed as your child starts to communicate and interact with others.

Sensory play is becoming a big feature of baby gym classes and as well as musical activity you may also find sensory activities and materials incorporated into your baby gym sessions. This can include textured cloth and wood, light boxes, projected images and shapes, feathers, fir cones, parachutes and tactile floor coverings.

How will your baby benefit

As with active baby classes, your baby will get a real boost in their developing physical abilities. Classes can also boost confidence as your child starts to master age-appropriate physical obstacles and moves on to more challenging feats.


Likely Cost

Around £4-10 per class, depending on your location.

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