How to soothe a teething baby

Tired of pacing up and down with a grizzly baby? Ease your little one's pain with these top tips


Gum Massagers

Gently rubbing your baby’s gums with a special, soft, baby toothbrush, or a massaging glove, can bring your baby some relief from teething pain, as well as cleaning any plaque off teeth that have already broken the surface.


Try this: MAM My first teething cloth.

  • This two-fingered glove made of soft microfibre material can be used to massage gums at the onset of teething.
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Teething Gels

These sugar-free gels usually contain a gentle local anaesthetic and antiseptic that work together to ease the pain and prevent infection. Just dab a small amount onto your baby’s gums with a clean finger at various intervals. However, don’t use it just before a feed as it can numb your baby’s tongue, making it difficult for him to suck properly.

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In winter, make sure you dress your baby warmly, with layers that can be easily removed when you head indoors.

Cooling Teethers

Chewing on something cold can help relieve hot, inflamed gums so teethers filled with liquid or gel, and chilled in the fridge, are ideal for your baby to sink his little gums into. However, don’t be tempted to put them in the freezer or they could burn his gums.

Try this: Whoozit cosmic teether

  • Mini-sized Whoozit with extra water-filled textured chewing surfaces to soothe hot gums.
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Chewing on a toy or hands is often a sign of teething

Chewing Toys

Also called teethers, there are lots of different types – hard, textured, soft and chewy, and even some designed for the tricky back teeth. You need to check the toy is small enough and easy for your baby to hold in his hand, and remember to sterilise it using a cold-water steriliser.

Try this: Chan, Pie and Gnon

  • Natural, non-toxic rubber chewing toy that’s made to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch, sight and smell.
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Homeopathic teething granules

These homeopathic remedies come in sachets that you can pour into your baby’s mouth, or as powders or tablets to dissolve in water as a drink. They’re natural, sugar-free and contain soothing chamomilla.

Try this: Nelson’s Teetha

  • Market-leading homeopathic granules that can either be poured into your baby’s mouth or rubbed onto his gums.
  • Available from Health Stuff (for £5.10) or pharmacies nationwide.
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Mum says…

“Apply teething gel to a clean finger and let your baby bite on it. Watch out once he starts cutting teeth though!” said Sarah Peterson, mum to Cameron, 8 months.

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