Is your baby teething?

Keep an eye out for that first tooth


Red cheeks, lots of drooling and a desire to chew on everything are common signs your baby is getting ready to cut her first teeth. It can be a bit of a grizzly experience and your baby is likely to be a bit uncomfortable. So what’s going on in there?



Your baby’s gums will be feeling really tender and she’ll be very aware of them. You’ll find she’ll be doing lots of chewing. While you need to find ways to soothe the pain, they need to be nice and gentle, too.

Try this: Pop teething rings in the fridge (don’t put them in the freezer, they’ll be too cold and hard) for an instant cooling sensation. A cloth soaked in cooled boiled water works well, too.

Chilled carrots, pitta and 
savoury biscuits can keep
 sore mouths occupied too, as gnawing will give tender gums something to do. Make sure you keep an eye on her while she’s eating. Don’t reach for sweet treats as sugar can start to decay teeth straight away.



All of that drooling can make your baby’s skin sore, especially if you’re having to keep mopping it up.

Try this: Pop a barrier cream on your baby’s chin and cheeks to keep the skin soft and supple.

Plus, change her top and bib often to save her getting cold, or the damp material rubbing against her sensitive skin. It may be an idea to rub some barrier cream here, too.

Rosy cheeks

You know your baby best. If a rash or high temperature is unusual, speak to your GP. If you’re sure teething is the cause…

Try this: Chat to your pharmacist or GP about infant paracetamol to reduce a fever and inflammation. Use cooling clothes or infant-friendly teething gels to help numb throbbing gums. Keep a check on that drool – it can be making cheeks sore. Don’t forget cuddles! Your baby is likely to be hot and bothered and a calming cuddle may just do the trick.


Dentist Tina Tanna’s top tips

  • Don’t wait for the full set of teeth to come through. Start brushing your baby’s first tooth as soon as it starts to appear.
  • Brushing your baby’s first tooth only takes a few seconds.

  • Make sure you buy products that are specifically for children, so milk teeth are getting the right care.
  • Use two baby toothbrushes – one for baby to play with and one for you to brush the tooth or teeth with.
  • Tickle your baby’s tummy 
or get her to roar 
like a lion to get her mouth nice and wide.
  • Get your partner to sing a song or distract your baby while you brush her teeth.

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