Most popular baby names

Jack and Olivia top the latest baby names chart for England and Wales.


Naming your baby boy Jack is as popular as ever – for two years running, it has been the commonest new boy’s name in England and Wales, according to Government statistics.


For girls, the previous most popular name Ruby dropped to number two for births registered in 2008, with Olivia replacing it in the No1 slot.

There were no new entries in the top 10 most popular names for baby boys, which were as follows:

1 Jack
2 Oliver
3 Thomas
4 Harry
5 Joshua
6 Alfie
7 Charlie
8 Daniel
9 James
10 William

Evie was the only new entry in the top 10 most popular names for girls registered in 2008, replacing Ella which fell from No9 to No12. Top girls names were as follows:

1 Olivia
2 Ruby
3 Emily
4 Grace
5 Jessica
6 Chloe
7 Sophie
8 Lily
9 Amelia
10 Evie

Within the Top 100 boys names for England and Wales, there were only three new entries: Blake (at No91), Ewan (No95) and Zak (No100). Riley showed the largest rise, gaining 24 places to reach No33. Theo (No58) and Gabriel (No78) were also high climbers.

Kyle (down 18 to No69), Jamie (down 15 to No51) and Aidan (down 14 to No92) showed the largest falls.

For girls, Lexi (No73), Florence (No94), Emilia (No97), Maryam (No99) and Esme (No100)  were all new entries to the Top 100.

Lexi was the highest climber, followed by Isla (up 29 to No36) and Summer (No23).


Madison (down 20 to No56), Courtney (down 19 to No98) and Rebecca (down 18 to No65) were the three names with the largest falls.

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