Practical advice from mums about your baby

Worried you’re not holding your baby right, or not sure what to take on a day out? Mums share their helpful hints…


For picking up your newborn

“My advice is to ask your health visitor. At first I was really scared about picking Jamie up as he seemed so tiny and fragile. I spoke to my health visitor and she demonstrated how to do it, telling me to look out for his head flopping forwards or backwards, and that to prevent this I needed to support his neck with one of my hands. Her advice really gave me the confidence to do it myself. Even though I thought it seemed a trivial thing to bother her with, I’m glad I did.”


Harriet Coombes, 27, from Bristol, mum to Jamie, 6 months

Preventing oral thrush

“My baby got oral thrush when she was 3 months old and she was given an antifungal gel to clear it up. Since then I’ve tried to make sure she doesn’t get it again by giving her sterilised water to drink after feeding to wash away any milk residue and I now also wash my nipples with water and dry them between feeds too.”

Jemma Goldsmith, 28, from London, mum to Poppy, 4 months

Giving your baby medicine

“Use a plastic medicine syringe and squirt the medicine into your baby’s mouth, alongside her cheek and she’s less likely to spit it up. You get them free with certain baby medicines or your pharmacist will give you one if your baby needs antibiotics. Always have a wet wipe under her mouth to collect up any sticky drips.”

Charlotte Pearce, 30, from York, mum to Bethan, 4 months

Treasuring baby memories

“I started a baby book from my son’s birth and put in anything and everything. I’m so glad I did this as Ben is now 3 and loves looking at the pictures and his name tag from hospital. I know I’ll keep it forever and it’ll be something to look back on in the future.”

Laura White, 27, from Scotland, mum to Ben, 3

For cheap playtime

“We’re on a real budget in our household and luckily baby Jake seems to love the simple life. His favourite game at the moment is trying to catch bubbles that I blow over him. I buy really cheap bubble bath from the supermarket and spend hours blowing them out. Not only is it a bargain game, I’ve also noticed his hand-eye coordination has really come on since we’ve been doing it.”

Lara Miles, 29, from Barnet, mum to Jake, 10 months

For days out with a baby

“The most useful thing I’ve found to take when I go out with Chloe is a muslin cloth. I use it as a comforter, a bib, a wet wipe to clean her hands and to wipe away dribble, and I even hang it over the pram to keep the sun out.”


Sharon Crisp, 25, from Suffolk, mum to Chloe, 15 weeks

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