Sleep expert Wendy Dean reveals her top tips for sleep-deprived parents

Pampers Village Parenting Panel Sleep Expert offers advice for mum and baby


Q. How much sleep should a newborn have and why?


A. Most parents stress about this fact, but it really does depend. All babies are very different, but on average you would expect a newborn to not go down until late in the evening, perhaps 10.30pm, wake again at 2am and then sleep through until 6am, which would be considered a good night’s sleep for a newborn.

Q. Is it important for your baby to have a sleep routine and if so why?

A. Yes it is very important for your baby to have a sleep routine. Babies thrive on routine, they need to know the difference between night and day as early as possible. Distinguishing between sleeping during the day and sleeping at night is very important. Parents can help by putting their little one’s down in a bright room during the day and a dark room at night. Clear differences between daytime nap and nighttime sleep is key.

Q. What are your top 3 tips for sleep-deprived parents?


  • Putting your baby down to sleep awake is the best tip that I can offer. As all babies naturally wake up during the night, if you put them down to sleep when awake it teaches them the ability to get back to sleep if they wake in the night.
  • Use a Pampers Baby-Dry nappy, as they absorb wetness away from skin faster than before, which then provides your little one with up to 12 hours of dryness.
  • Develop a sleep routine that helps the baby distinguish between the time to sleep and the time to be awake.

Q. What techniques can parents try to help their baby sleep?

A. There is a lot of information out there about different techniques a parent can use, however, they have to choose the one that is right for them. Parents can start with my top tips and develop a technique unique to their little one from there.

Q. How can parents encourage their baby to have a healthier pattern of sleep?

A. Again routine is vital. Developing and maintaining a daytime routine and a nighttime routine will help with baby’s sleep pattern. For example if baby eats at a certain time every day, bathes at the same time and goes to sleep at the same time then they will adjust to the pattern, helping them to get used to their night time routine.

Q. How do Pampers Baby Dry nappies promote a good night’s sleep?

A. This is a fantastic product. The actual action of having a wee will wake your baby up but the fact that Pampers Baby-Dry absorbs wetness away from their skin faster than before, means baby doesn’t have time to worry about the fact that they may be wet. The baby can then go back to sleep without feeling uncomfortable, helping them wake in the morning ready to seize the day ahead.


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