Would you go on holiday without your baby before 6 months?

This US couple did - and it totally divided parents' opinions


Chat around when and how often (or if) you leave your baby can get pretty heated.


For example, we shared a story a while ago of a mum who went on a date with her partner 8 days after giving birth – for which she got totally slammed.

On the other hand, Tamara Ecclestone caused some shockwaves when she revealed she waited until daughter Sophia was 3 years old just to have a night out.

Can’t win either way, right?

And this pic, shared on Instagram by Memphis mum Brittany Aldean, certainly split parents down the middle – when she revealed it was taken while on hols with her country singer husband Jason, away from their 4-month-old son.

“Much needed vacay☀️ Just a word of wisdom for all the parent shamers… vacations are ok for new parents to take.

“Sometimes after being pregnant for almost a year, cooped up in a house for weeks at a time, you need a little sunshine and adult time.

“IT IS NOT OK to leave your ignorant comments. If you don’t agree with something, PLEASE… do me a favour and unfollow me. You will NOT be missed♥️ And for all the sweet, positive, happy people… we love you and thank you!!??”

Looking through the comments, it seems the break lasted around 3 days (we think Brittany might have edited her original post).

And while it looks as though the really offending ones were removed, there are a few left which hint that not all the couple’s followers were impressed.

One single parent wrote: “For 13 years I have been a mom. I am a single parent. All vacations have been with my child.

“I don’t want to tell you how to be a parent but what you said is like you say I am a bad mom because I don’t go on vacation.”

Others, though, supported the couple 100%: “Ignore the haters! Your kids are seeing that a married couple deserves alone time together!

“They learn how to have relationships as they get older from loving parents who makes alone time a priority.”

What do you think?

There are a few things we simply don’t know from this pic – for example, how far away from their son this couple was and who was looking after him. But as long as he was safe – do either of those things matter?

So, would you/did you leave your baby for a holiday – or even just a night out – before they were 6 months old?

Perhaps your kids are much older and you still wouldn’t dream of going on holiday without them?

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