Your bonding journey with your new baby

Our baby expert explains the bonding journey from conception to baby


1) You decide you’d like to start a family – you fall in love with the idea of having a baby and being a    mum


2) You fall pregnant and begin to dream away about your little one and motherhood

3) First scans – the amazing moment you finally see him and feel that ‘mum’ pull

4) Movement and kicks increase the unique feeling you’re going to have a baby

5) The birth – the moment you meet your baby for the first time and all the excitement that holds

6) Hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin flood through your and your baby’s brain

7) You begin to tune into each other in a sensory way as you hold, feed and spend time with your new baby

8) As you meet his needs constantly, he relies on you and the bond grows

9) Your baby learns to trust more people as you positively meet his needs

10) You begin to read his signals more clearly. The bond between you deepens as you relate to your baby by feeling what he needs, not just responding to his behaviour.

11) He feels understood and is encouraged to communicate – the bond grows

12) Your baby knows how to read your signals and responds and interacts with delight. You have the most special bond in the world!

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