Think yourself pregnant

Zita West advises on how to Manage Your Mind to help yourself conceive.


Conception and pregnancy guru Zita West is hosting a LIVE webchat on babyexpert about how your mind can influence the whole process of getting pregnant, whether naturally or with methods of assisted conception.


The chat will take place 12-1pm on Monday February 16, on our Trying for a baby messageboard.

Zita West says, ‘The more work I do, the more I believe that so much to do with getting pregnant is down to a woman’s mind-set. Emotional and psychological blocks really can get in the way of conception.

‘In  addition, the relationship between the couple holds the key, and attitudes towards sex are also an important factor. Sex can often be used as a subconscious currency and if both partners are not enjoying sex, it can affect their fertility.’

The Zita West Clinic has introduced a Manage Your Mind Programme to help change your mind-set, learn to let go and release your fertility.

Zita says, ‘Negative messages from figures of authority can really feed every cell in your body. If, as a young woman, a doctor tells you: ‘you are likely to have problems conceiving when you get older’, this can have a devastating effect, subconsciously crushing your hopes for motherhood.

‘If a man has a very authoritarian father, it may affect his sexuality and his belief about his ability to father a child.

‘Similarly, any traumatic events form the past, such as an abortion (often from years back) or repeated failed attempts at IVF or recurrent miscarriage can creat feelings of negativity and despair.


‘Getting pregnant is not just about having sex at the ‘right’ time or going through the motions of IVF; the mind can have a very powerful influence on the whole process of conception.’

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