The 12 BEST things about being pregnant

Which of these would you put at the top of your list? Anything you'd add?


Here at MFM HQ, we must admit we see a lot of negativity around pregnancy: scare stories about what you should and shouldn’t eat/do/even look at (or so it seems) when you’re expecting ?


So, we thought we’d try and go for a glass-half-full type story for change. One about some of the great things about being pregnant. And you know what? There are quite a few.

Don’t just take it from us. We asked our mums, and here’s what they said….

12 great things about being pregnant – from our mums

1. The way people talk to you

” I love how people start chatting to you,” says Mills A. “It’s rare nowadays that people stop to chat to strangers but everyone smiles, asks how you’re doing and sometimes gives advice. It makes me happy.”

Aw, not heard that one before, but so true ?

2. All the sleeping

 “My fave bit about being pregnant is that I can sleep for hours and I can eat what I want without feeling bad lol,” says Charlotte P.

That’s us! ☝️☝️☝️

3. All the movement

“It has to be feeling baby move!” says Emma C. “I missed it so much after my first pregnancy so making sure I enjoy every second with my second 


Yep, lots of our mums agreed with this one, too.

4. What you’re doing for your baby

“My favourite part of being pregnant is knowing that I’m the one who is helping this tiny baby grow/eat and breathe and only me!


❤️ ” reveals Stephanie E. 

Our. Bodies. Are. Awesome. ✊

5. Having someone with you all the time

“The regular little kicks when you think you are all alone… it’s like a little reminder – ‘hey mama!'” says Shell S.

Awwww, we love that…

6. Getting looked after

Yumi M reveals: “My favourite part of being pregnant is that I can lounge on the sofa whilst my husband makes dinner and have zero guilt.”

Love it ?

7. The constant internal hug 

“Feeling her kick and….the constant inner cuddle!” says Vicky H.

That is such a lovely way to put it.

8. Your blooming belly

“The Bump 


? ,” says Leanne W. “All my bumps have had nicknames x.”

Awww, what are they?!

9. Daddy getting involved

“Especially when my husband gets to feel it,” Oana O tells us. “The smile on his face is brilliant, makes my day!”

Nice point Oana, don’t forget dad…

10. The practicalities of getting around

“Getting a seat on the bus 


? x,” quips Debz C.

We get that too – though apparently not everyone’s so lucky on public transport ?

11. Changes to your locks

“Glossy hair” is the one thing Lauren H really loved bout being pregnant. But why exactly does that happen?

12. Scrapping the diet

And finally, Trudi H recalls “Eating for 2” as being up there in the best things about pregnancy…. ?  though, if only there weren’t so many rules about WHAT to eat, right?

What do you think?

Which of these do you agree with? Anything you’d add? Ot did you not enjoy pregnancy one little bit? Tell us in the comment below or over on Facebook

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