£17,000 spent on baby clothes

Mum spends big on designer baby fashion for son who’s not even had his first birthday.


Mum Sophie Vickers, 22, has spent £17,000 over the past year on her only child, baby son Theo, the Daily Mail reports on a Closer magazine interview.


So what exactly does baby Theo’s wardrobe include? Well, try this on for size:

  • 80 pairs of shoes, costing more than £4,000, including baby Doc Martins for £120.
  • Designer outfits, priced at £9,000, including 40 pairs of trousers, 40 pairs of shorts, 40 t-shirts and three leather jackets.
  • Toys numbering in the hundreds.
  • Three pushchairs. (Actually, three isn’t too bad, so let’s not pick on Sophie for that point!)

And because Theo is growing (surprise, surprise!), he can’t fit into many of his expensive outfits any more.

Mum Sophie is a part-time admin assistant and partner Chris, 25, is a carpet fitter, and Closer magazine and the Daily Mail note that it’s not really know how they can afford to spend this kind of money on their baby.

Theo’s first birthday party is looking like yet another budget-blowing affair – mum Sophie is said to be planning a huge party and that she wants to spend hundreds of pounds on gifts. Among the presents features a quad bike and trampoline.

Psychologist Dr Funke Baffour, stated, “The baby has become a trophy. It’s about how Sophie’s feeling, not the baby who doesn’t know or care if his shoes are designer.

“Spoiling a child means they don’t learn what life’s really about. She’s setting him up for failure, even at this early stage.”


Are you disgusted at these big spending, shopaholic ways? Or would you do the same if you weren’t worried about family finances? Let us know…


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