6 mums who broke the parenting ‘rules’ in 2017

Meet the mums who did things a bit differently. Some we loved. Others? Not so much...


First off, we should say, here at MFM HQ we’re not sure there really are ‘rules’ as such when it comes to parenting: after all, every child, every family, is different.


However, for us, these mums did do things we thought were a bit out of the ordinary. Some of those things we applauded, and some we didn’t.

But most of you had an opinion on ALL of them. Take a look…

1. The ‘rule’ she broke: Teach your kids to share

This mum got huge applause when she decided to stand up for her son, who was being asked by a group of other boys he didn’t even know to share his toys with them in a public playground.

Turns out, you don’t always need to make your child share.

“MY CHILD IS NOT REQUIRED TO SHARE WITH YOURS,” she said in a Facebook post. “You can tell them no, Carson,” I said. “Just say no. You don’t have to say anything else.” ✊

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2. The ‘rule’ she broke: Don’t get fantasy characters to punish your kids

Team MFM were a tiny bit heartbroken when we read this story of a mum who set up a full Easter Bunny footprint trail in her home, only for it to lead up to this note from said Easter Bunny saying he wouldn’t be coming as the kids were on his naughty list.

If your kids need a proper telling off, the general consensus on this one said you were best to do it yourself. We think we’d, to some extent, agree.

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3. The ‘rule’ she broke: Don’t admit you had a ‘band-aid’ child

All kids are born out of a blissful union with the love of your life, right? ?

But when Stacey Solomon played that Twitter game on Loose Women – where you name your child after how they were conceived – she chose “Salvaging my relationship”.

She went on to say she’d made the right decision – and, we have to say, we hope she keeps up with the honesty. Because we love her for it.

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4. The ‘rule’ she broke:  Don’t tell other mums what rules THEY should have for their kids 

Don’t agree with iPads at the dinner table? Fair enough, but does that mean you should tell other people they should do the same?

One Aussie mum did just that when she went out for a pub meal with her little boy and said other people’s children using iPads were distracting her son from sitting at the table.

The response from the public? She probs needed something to keep her little one seated, even if she didn’t want a tablet.

You can’t really expect other people to ditch the technology because you don’t think it’s right.

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5. The ‘rule’ she broke: Don’t mum shame – especially when it’s a mum from your own community

We have to say, when we shared this story on Facebook, there was little respect for a mum from North London who decided to post a letter to a neighbour telling her she had her child in nursery too much.

She went as far as to put a an A4 typed letter through the door berating the other mum’s childcare choices. And no one was impressed…

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6. The ‘rule’ she broke: If you start Elf on the Shelf….you’ve GOT to finish

If this even IS a rule (and we’ve already said we’re not sure about rules in parenting per se) – it’s one that was MADE to be broken.

So, we actually applaud this busy mum who ‘retired’ her Elf on the Shelf in a brilliant way. Fair dos ?

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