7 dads whose stories blew us away

All different – but all pretty memorable. And yes, there are some tearjerkers here...?


Here at MFM HQ, we LOVE a good dad story, especially for Father’s Day.


And the last year or so has had plenty of them. There have been some shocks, some nice surprises, and some really emotional dad moments.

Take a look…

1. The dying dad who met his newborn baby for the first time

Just 3 weeks before his wife was due to give birth – and totally out of the blue – Cagney was told he had stage 4 aggressive brain cancer.

He was being treated in the same hospital as his wife ended up giving birth in, and the moment he met his darling new baby, Levon, for the first time, was captured on video.

Heartbreaking but utterly beautiful.

2. The dad who ate his wife’s placenta ‘to make some gains’

Well, this one had a mixed reaction to say the least ?

Australian bodybuilder Aaron Curtis filmed himself eating his wife’s placenta and uploaded the vid to YouTube.

Even his fans thought it was pretty rank. We’re inclined to agree…

3. The dad who live-streamed the birth of his child on Facebook

We’re all into Facebook Live now, right? But being filmed giving birth on there? Hmmm, we’re not so sure….

Californian dad Fakamalo Kihe Eiki streamed his partner’s labour live, and the broadcast got 60,000 views.

We’re guessing this isn’t going to become a thing though… (but we could be wrong ?)


4. The dad who came up with THIS plan to stop his triplets bickering in the car

This dad’s dividers really, er, divided you. He did it to stop his triplets from squabbling in the back of the car, but not all of you approved – not least from a health-and-safety point of view.

5. The dad who spoke openly about his miscarriage grief

This is such a hard topic to talk about – and when a parent opens up about the heartache of miscarriage, or losing a child, it really tugs at the heartstrings.

So, we really admired dad Fredrick Edlund, who opened up about how he felt when the surrogate he had chosen with partner Derek miscarried their twins.

6. The dad who sent his sick child to school because ‘dad’s don’t stay home’ from work

This one really got you chatting when we shared it on our Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, the poor little mite who was sent to school with a temperature didn’t get much better and had to be picked up early.

Luckily, grandma was able to step in – but the experience made dad promise he’d listen to his child a bit more carefully next time… We hope he did.

7. The dad who cradled his newborn after just finding out his wife had died in childbirth 

This photograph had us in bits when we saw it. Glynn Sheppard from Australia shared it on Facebook. It captures the moment he held his new baby for the first time, just after being told his wife had died from complications after having a C-section.

Just. Wow.


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