All parents want for Christmas is ‘no public tantrums’

Mums and dads reveal their top festive wishes


Christmas is a magical time where the wildest of wishes really do come true – or at least that’s the hope of the mums and dads who responded to a new survey by


The study, which asked 1,236 parents what they would like to ask their children for this Christmas, placed no public tantrums at the top of the tree.

Other popular requests included going to bed on time, and sleeping longer in the morning, with 54% and 49% hoping for each respectively.

Mums and dads were also keen for peace on earth around the festive table with 44% wishing their children would eat their vegetables, and 43% simply hoping they will eat their dinner at all.

As well as prioritising restful slumber and table manners, parents also longed for a calm Christmas in every respect, according to the top ten responses below:

1.      No public tantrums – 56%
2.      Go to bed on time – 54%
3.      Sleep longer in the morning – 49%
4.      Eat vegetables – 44%
5.      Eat dinner – 43%
6.      Sleep in own bed – 39%
7.      Stop breaking things in the house – 37%
8.      Stop fighting with siblings – 31%
9.      Use toilet/ potty – 25%
10.    Put toys away – 21%

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